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File: 1623533788563-0.png (17.21 KB, 800x269, 800px-Cloudflare-logo-vect….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

c4580 No.2079[Reply]

Would it be feasible to switch away from Cloudflare now, or at least to a different corporation which won't constantly throw CAPTCHAs at me? I hate seeing yet another website I use become less usable once it gets put behind the Cloudflare MitM. The founders' last project was literally "Project Honey Pot".
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500aa No.2164

You have to admit, the spam has been gone and stayed gone since we have the captcha now. And at least it doesn't ask for a captcha each post.

161fc No.2165

we got a retard spamming the entire homepage with sneed memes and another one was spamming blackface and black people shit (who might actually been one good old Kisame) all after this cloudflare bullshit had started.
How about you start actually lurking here before you start shit.

752d4 No.2166

Personally, I don't mind doing captchas if it means better security against bots/spammers. Small price to pay for salvation.

ca96e No.2167

No it hasn't. I see kisame spamming politics, and this, on the front page right now: >>>/b/8912

Cloudflare only fucks over legitimate users of this obscure fetish imageboard.

f6933 No.2168

works on my machine

File: 1620474373616.png (307.88 KB, 745x672, Anoko wa Toshi Densetsu.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

9cefa No.1955[Reply]

We might as well have a thread for reporting general technical issues with the site.

At the moment, the site is loading slow for me and is giving 522 errors.
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9cefa No.2142

I only get that on mobile for the front page.

b0cc4 No.2143

Dunno if it means much but there's a thread in the catalog for /b/ that seems to be a bunch of spam links but the thread itself is inaccessible

2c8f3 No.2144

Man whatever update you've done it better be able to solve the whole spam problem bc you've basically banned phoneposting now.

ec6dc No.2161

the site seems down for a moment today, any particular reason?

e8ed9 No.2162

The first image here didn't get a thumbnail: >>>/f/18264

File: 1630347933718.jpg (197.06 KB, 1184x1000, 1561040529916-3.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

3f987 No.2156[Reply]

So I've noticed that /d/ seems to be a lot more active lately than it has been in the past (plus there's some fool who won't let threads die), so for the sake of trying to balance new and existing content I was wondering if it's possible at all to adjust the resource allocation for the individual boards or not.

Ideally I'd say increase the page count for /d/ (maybe to 15 at most) and then decrease the page counts for /b/ and /q/ (neither one of them really need 10 pages of threads, that probably could be cut in half)

b7e7c No.2157

Easier idea: just manually kill the threads that literally have one or two images and are still getting "bump" every single week. That'd free up an entire page, maybe two.

2b712 No.2158

nah i agree, /d/ is way too crowded nowadays

/b/ is a problem too because half the people on it just use it as "the shitposting and e-drama board" instead of "the board for pregnancy stuff that doesn't really fit on any of the other boards" and half the pics are just memespam

/b/ would be perfectly valid for stuff like CYOAs, game threads, and other stuff, but most people treat it like a truckstop toilet instead

i say just rename /b/ to /m/ for "misc preg stuff" and then a good chunk of /d/'s threads could simply move there instead

69a30 No.2159

That's the thing. I don't think /b/ was ever really intended to be a misc board, but as the random shit board it's been used as all along. That's why I think it should be reduced in size (in all honesty, a couple of threads aside, the whole thing probably should be nuked).

/q/ as the feedback board probably doesn't need a whole lot of space dedicated to it either. I figure that way /d/ can have a little more room to breathe or something

aeedb No.2160

Most threads in /b/ and /q/ only get a handful of images, so it's not really saving much by reducing the number of pages.

File: 1629936826179.jpg (56.29 KB, 600x904, 12407_1184083496838_167077….jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

af54b No.2151[Reply]

>Deletion of this thread is not allowed!
I still can't delete some of my old threads. Fix this shit.

ae964 No.2152


Should have the saved the passwords then when you first created those threads. That's on you.

364a9 No.2153

Not that guy, but who would keep tabs on that shit?

ae964 No.2155


None, unless if it's for those who actually care about deleting their old threads.

File: 1629868352187.jpeg (20.59 KB, 200x183, 0C96F333-2627-4A43-BB5E-9….jpeg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

07c95 No.2150[Reply]

due to cloudflare having to check your IP and shit before you enter, it’s impossible to view webms on IOS now

File: 1613654337543.png (4.46 KB, 225x225, download.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

821ac No.1825[Reply]

>he says as he posts from his phone

Is it possible to ban cellular device IP ranges for the site? I ask simply because I believe that a large portion of the spam generated in many of the threads are a direct result of phone posting. Another issue with phone posting is that given the mobility of the user phone posting they often switch IP ranges and are able to avoid bans with little to no effort. I think it may be at the very least worth considering given a noticeable increase in spam we've seen in threads recently. Granted I do not know what percentage of users phone post in which case a phone posting ban would do more harm than good. But I'd gladly give up phone posting if it meant a far better moderated space.

Just thought I'd bring it up as I didn't see any other thread in /q/ mention it, please let me know if this is even an option for the site.
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f71b1 No.2145

File: 1629785065670-0.png (222.08 KB, 720x1512, kisame posts.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Bad news everyone: he found a way through. Turns out the lunatic is still posting to his own goddamn lolcow thread, and he's posted images of posts he's made here. I unfortunately couldn't really nail down a more recent one than this, but ID 21248 is definitely him.

a91d7 No.2146

take your meds bro

f71b1 No.2147

>>2146 Honestly, I only stumbled across it because Kisame came up on the "things that make you die a little inside" thread. I ended up getting curious as to what bullshit he's been up to since we booted him, and found that.

But yeah, you're right, I'm up way too fucking late for my own good at this point lol

5ef4f No.2148

Are you gay for him?

fedfc No.2149

File: 1629824061545.png (6.34 KB, 619x113, kisame.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Got him linking back actively, and he's clearly the previous post in this thread. Time for the shithead filter to go back on?

File: 1628517696518.png (1.14 MB, 1115x757, chrome_xhxsmnfAJl.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

d68bd No.2134[Reply]

'Your request looks automated; Post discarded.'

What does that even means? I can't even post a new /f/ threads.

fc3ce No.2137

You're banned because you post on the /f/ thread.

fdc39 No.2138

Nice effort for banning me. Besides of getting me banned from the /f/ thread, is there a number of limits for every new threads?

File: 1597090925970.png (207.1 KB, 640x360, EED84291-227E-47B6-8C18-6B….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

24de0 No.1493[Reply]

Can I have a ban? Thanks.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

7d768 No.1494


b1841 No.1495

Y tho?

701f4 No.1706


d9251 No.1707

Can we get a sticky for this thread?

1b321 No.2133

Lol this thread is still here that’s awesome

File: 1626842433748-0.png (11.48 KB, 128x127, spoiler-furry-pregchan-1.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626842433748-1.png (11.14 KB, 128x127, spoiler-furry-pregchan-2.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

3b240 No.2109[Reply]

It may be neat to have a spoiler image that's distinct for each board, since the current one features a woman who can be out of place in some threads.

Here are some for /f/. I made three versions, and a pink question mark was nice, so each version also has that option.
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c9691 No.2113

pretty sure it's the same guy who was pushing for pony banners repeatedly

4a792 No.2114

This looks like yellowed balls

90525 No.2115

oh look, that same guy trying to shoehorn (hoof?) his artwork onto everyone else when we never asked for it nor wanted such a thing in the first place. nobody wants or cares for your banners, nobody wants your "custom spoiler images" either. fuck off thanks.

3696f No.2116

I don't see any harm in making a suggestion on the board for making suggestions. Calm down.

90525 No.2117

that was a calmly worded response. you don't want the alternative. sneakily shilling what I suspect is your own artwork, after repeatedly being ignored and admonished for doing so, is not only annoying, it's bordering on demented. again, fuck off thanks.

File: 1517077950401.jpg (10.48 KB, 300x100, banner1.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

5b654 No.701[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Some of you might have noticed the banner on the front page. It's just the front page for now, since I wasn't sure if people would want them on every page, but if you guys like them and we can get some more, we can do that.

Banners should be 300x100. I prefer ones that are creative and/or humorous over those that are simply pornographic, but maybe you have one that's just too beautiful to refuse. So let's see what you've got!
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de562 No.2103

File: 1625981360107.jpg (18.87 KB, 300x100, Takayuki_Hiyori_Cthulhu_Pr….jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

de562 No.2104

File: 1625983184547.jpg (20.04 KB, 300x100, Bump.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

f0348 No.2105

she´s actualy never even pregnant and its tentacle doujin

also would like souce?

7b117 No.2106

File: 1625987412682.jpg (599.23 KB, 1280x1833, Takayuki_Hiyori_Aiyoku_Gen….jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

not op but i have the original image for the one

b2e12 No.2108

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