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File 134854382118.png - (543.88KB , 850x1280 , nagala_by_bellydoom.png )
8163 No. 8163
Got something you want identified? If you have something and you're wondering "What doujin/movie/image set is this from?" or "What artist did this?" or anything like that, this is the place for it. From this point forward, individual threads asking for this sort of thing will be locked.

Thank you, have a nice day. :3
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>> No. 8164
File 134854526179.jpg - (294.31KB , 560x420 , g19dl.jpg )
I need source to download this file
>> No. 8227
Hmm... Is asking for a download link the same as asking for source?
>> No. 8235

Close enough for me. :)
>> No. 8274
File 134913008187.jpg - (46.18KB , 461x600 , ba83c3d3c603194dfa33f07028119f74.jpg )
For YEARS I've been trying to find any information on this image. I know its Rick Hunter and Lynn Minmei from Robotech but that's it. I LOVE this picture so much!
>> No. 8279

Me too. It was one of the first images of this subject matter I ever found, years ago. It was in a Yahoo! group, I think.

Mind, I had no idea who it was at the time, and I've still never seen Robotech, but it's still a great image. Sadly, I too have no idea from whence it came.
>> No. 8294
anyone got he source on this

>> No. 8298

That's where I first saw it too, back when Yahoo Groups were cool about these things. I think it was this image that just...got me started on all this.
>> No. 8306
Since download requests are okay...

Here's Harami Hime 2. You'll need to run the installer before the game will run.
>> No. 8310
File 134928403798.jpg - (56.33KB , 1557x768 , Unknown.jpg )
I was wondering who created this picture, it's pretty good.
>> No. 8312
99.999% sure that's a Zdemian pic
>> No. 8316
If so it's not in his gallery :x
>> No. 8317
When running the installer, what am i supposed to do? I can't read japanese and when i try to advance, it gives me a message and doesn't do anything
>> No. 8318
File 134929482032.jpg - (49.19KB , 640x480 , 1242327541086.jpg )
Need source for this one :3
>> No. 8319
File 134929545055.jpg - (100.32KB , 716x1011 , 1164267782598.jpg )
These two would also be nice
>> No. 8320
File 134929549423.jpg - (104.68KB , 716x1011 , 1164267798806.jpg )
>> No. 8321
Hmm, having run it, it seems the install isn't necessary on mine. Can you just run the game?

This is all assuming your system is set up to run Japanese games, of course. If not, a quick google search should turn up some solutions. Japanese Locale or the AppLocale program.
>> No. 8334
You guys know that ehentai/exhentai has an image search feature, right? It tells you which galleries contain that image.
>> No. 8336

Well for me, all of the images turned up no results, samething with google images
>> No. 8434
File 135007631160.jpg - (28.17KB , 219x305 , 1318631132219.jpg )
Here's one that I can't find the source for either.
>> No. 8435
File 135007642022.jpg - (20.26KB , 219x323 , 1318631144930.jpg )
>> No. 8436
File 135007658883.jpg - (123.56KB , 600x600 , 1318631158375.jpg )
Here's the last one I have.
>> No. 8443
Its something by Bow Rei. He has a lot of sameface and his stuff is often like 150+ pages, so I'm afraid I can't tell you which one exactly. Just search his name on exhentai.
>> No. 8464

After I searched, I found a gallery with a very if not completely similar face, but it didn't have the images mentioned

link: 3xh3ntai.org/g/63025/6c9b70eb97 (replace 3 with e)
>> No. 8477

best i can find,seeing as i can't read jap you're on you own :P
>> No. 8492

Wait a minute, I've seen that on exhentai before, but not under the bow rei tag, so the only thing left is manual searching (use birth as tag)
>> No. 8493
It was NOT tagged with "Bow Rei?"
What kind of gallery was it?
Doujin? Manga?
>> No. 8497
Yeah just let me look through every single one, and then again through the many pages for these few pictures. Yes, I'm serious. I'll get back to you.
>> No. 8499
Ok, well. I couldn't seem to find it all of the birth tab in exhentai, so either its very poorly tagged or it isn't there.
>> No. 8528
maybe it isn't there anymore, I try to find it at exhentai but still no luck of it
>> No. 8534
I looked too, didn't find it either, so maybe it was indeed deleted, I last saw it was a long time ago so its likely :[
>> No. 8541
I've been wanting to find that manga too. To be sure, those pictures are from a manga that has yet to be released digitally for free at least in the English speaking world. The name of the manga is something like "Mama is a 6th Grader" or something like that if I am reading the title right. It has no connection to "Secret Flower Garden". I do hope it shows up eventually.
>> No. 8542
File 135050056635.jpg - (157.06KB , 600x600 , 040010191626-1p.jpg )
I cannot read japanese but I think the title was right
>> No. 8546
Sure looks like it.
>> No. 8588
File 13507779332.jpg - (328.16KB , 1200x1718 , 0016.jpg )
>> No. 8591

I have this doujin. It's of a sorceress summoning a demon to impregnate her and she gives birth to it's spawn.
>> No. 8601
Do you have the name?

So far exhentai image search only recognizes it from a random set of pregnant drawings.
>> No. 8604

Part of the title is in English. The "God of Hawks", I think. I'll have to find the files and look at it. The whole title begins with a weird word that starts with "Z".
>> No. 8609
File 135096358735.jpg - (40.18KB , 716x1011 , GOTH01.jpg )

Here's the cover of the doujin. The title as far as I can figure out from the strange font is "Zoamailgustar".
>> No. 8610
File 135096369296.jpg - (71.91KB , 716x1011 , GOTH02.jpg )

Here is the second page which has the words "God of the Hawks" which might be the circle's name but I'm not sure. The rest of the book alternates between full page illustrations and pages of hand written text.
>> No. 8611
Would this be the right thread to ask about an image that I stupidly didn't save?
>> No. 8627
File 135104993436.png - (47.27KB , 800x1035 , viewer.png )
So way back on the old chan someone, he only went by anonymous I believe, wrote up a fapfic. The first page went like this attached image (but why do you have an image? I'm not even sure at this point). Anyone know who this guy is?
>> No. 8628

Indeed it would.
>> No. 8631

I think the word is "Zoamelgustar". The character is Martina from Slayers, as she worships a god with that name (and looking like her from the picture).
>> No. 8638
File 135110260312.jpg - (268.46KB , 1200x1753 , image[1].jpg )
Searching for Bow Rei's Osanai Kajitsu Ge translated in english. Can't believe it doesn't exist, it's the best fuckin lolicon-pregnancy doujinshi I've ever read.

>> No. 8641
It looks like I'm not the only one that wants Osanai Kajitsu Ge translated. I hope we see a translation soon.
>> No. 8643
You're not alone.
>> No. 8646

Searching for her name on exhentai turned up only 2 results (one of thems a translation of the other), none with the image, so its another lost dojin that'll hopefully resurface sometime in the future :(
>> No. 8649
It has been out for so much time, that I'm starting to accept the idea that we could never see a translation...
>> No. 8650

Unless somebody wants to commission somebody to translate it, probably. There's people that do that.

There's one comic in particular that I found that I'll never see a translation of unless I do that, and sadly, I don't have the disposable income to consider the possibility.
>> No. 8652

I would like to upload the doujin but it's over 30 pages. Anyone suggest a good file sharing site that doesn't require signing up.
>> No. 8656
It'd be cool if we could perhaps pool for a comission, I wouldnt mind throwing $5 towards it.
>> No. 8659

You're still going to have to sign up for any file sharing site ya know.
Wheres the problem with uploading to exhentai? I mean yes you have to edit cookies to get in, but once you get past that (its relatively easy, search it) its totally worth it. 30 pages is within the acceptable size for an exhentai gallery (unless each file is ridiculously large, you could resize it)
>> No. 8661

I used to be on exhentai but I can't log on anymore. I sort of kept my activities to WWOEC where I'm a contributing artist and writer. I only lurked on this site to collect art and pics. But I do want to contribute. Lately I have been thinking about doing some new preg art though my style is more cartoony than real.
>> No. 8663

Try Sendspace. Name the compressed file something neutral-sounding, though.
>> No. 8673
Okay, I uploaded the "Zoamelgustar" doujin to Sendspace. Here is the download link, enjoy.


I also have a few more doujins that have pregnancy some may find interesting. I can post a thread here with the covers if you are interested in them.
>> No. 8710

more douijins will be very much appreciated!
>> No. 8764
Okay, here's a challenge - a couple years ago, I encountered a panel where a woman was largely pregnant, and giving birth to a bunch of demons that I think tore out of her, maybe. I remember that it one of many short stories in what seemed to be an epic comic, and the woman was yelling 'No! I don't want to give birth!'. It was ink. Also, I think it had been translated from Japanese. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
>> No. 8780

You are probably talking about Immortal Rain.
>> No. 8792
File 135182764032.jpg - (374.75KB , 633x900 , [SaHa] Mister 151 Tentacles 15rs.jpg )

This is one I can think of with that line. It's title is "Lovely Pretty Chou-Aishiteru - Mister 151 Tentacles" and it's translated by SaHa.
>> No. 8799
File 135186740595.jpg - (329.99KB , 1028x1490 , okama_-_hanafuda_-_023.jpg )
I found this and I don't know where it came from.
>> No. 8800
Fun fact: apparently, this doujin was based on the classic Natsuki Hatakeyama birth vid.

The outfit, positions, holding the cloth to her mouth, the setting - it's all from that vid! The main difference being that Natsuki herself is not a loli.
>> No. 8815
I loved that video. Even though the censorship tried to kill it for me :)
Loli version is cool, except I can't get on Exhentai, so hunting around for a torrent or something of it...

Don't know where that one is from either. But I'd like to! :)
>> No. 8819
I got a challenge for ya'll, the photo in this link is from katashibu week 40 (photo was originally in x-ray thread)


Where in the hell did that person find that image? week 40 is not actually out yet, but its coming soon based on this website


look in the week 40 teaser image, you'll see the above image is in there, proving that it is indeed from week 40
>> No. 8821
File 135197614534.jpg - (371.94KB , 1062x1450 , okama_-_hanafuda_-_000.jpg )

This called "Hanafuda" and is by Okama. It's a 116 page full color manga. There is an English version. Not much pregnancy in it. Here is the cover to it.
>> No. 8919
File 135250761432.jpg - (39.92KB , 512x382 , Unknown.jpg )
Which visual novel is this from?
>> No. 8926
From his twitter.
>> No. 8960
File 135263074469.gif - (73.83KB , 432x547 , tumblr_m4wyi0CUKI1rwrcuho1_500 copy.gif )
Hey, I've been looking for a version of this picture that is in grayscale and they are all preggo. It was from a very very very very very long time ago, back when my processor speed was 233MHz. plz helpz?
>> No. 9035
File 135297966798.jpg - (314.10KB , 800x600 , Unidentified_full_746655 zerochan.jpg )
In addition to the picture in 8919, could anyone identify this one too?
>> No. 9036
File 135298492054.png - (632.03KB , 800x600 , nsfw.png )
This one too
>> No. 9095
Use E-hentai/Exhentai's image search feature to find images before requesting them.

[Hakudakukei] Jugyou de Ecchi? ~Hisshuu Kamoku wa Saikyou Iku!! Sensei ya Doukyuusei to Ahe-ahe Pero-pero Benkyou-chuu~
[白濁系] 授業deえっち? ~必修科目は性きょーイクッ!先生や同級生とあへあへぺろぺろ勉強中~
>> No. 9096
File 135314903770.png - (335.21KB , 683x470 , c80537d2df8d96264ede90efdc3e18d0.png )
sauce please
>> No. 9098
Inflation. Not preg. Forgot anime though.
>> No. 9121
File 135322436675.jpg - (193.41KB , 711x1000 , preview10ad133ffbaf1f95ae08cc12ba3957b6.jpg )
how about this?
>> No. 9158
Luv Wave 2
>> No. 9186
File 135341777934.jpg - (327.95KB , 1600x1261 , 1235112369637.jpg )
anyone know what this is from?
>> No. 9199
File 135354277225.jpg - (125.42KB , 579x837 , 1228224781526.jpg )
Anyone know the source for this?
>> No. 9217
I remember reading this manga awhile ago, dropped due to boredom, Laon is the name I believe
>> No. 9244

Gallery in exhentai.

[Armadillo] Momichichi Gakuen Hatsujou Chuu


The plot gets particularly weak near the end, but involves invisibility more or less. Not much pregnancy content, but a little nevertheless.
>> No. 9250
this is from the birth thread, anyone know where its from, and e/exhentai gallery if it exists?

>> No. 9333
source on this would also be nice, its from the recent yo dawg thread

>> No. 9345
here is the artists page
>> No. 9398
anyone recall an flash animation by mr. x - that had some superheroine getting impregnated/pregnant by some machine?
>> No. 9426
Mr. X.... Geeze, that seems familiar...
That's not the guy that made some of the animation, asked for cash, got it, and then disappeared, is it?
>> No. 9431
Not sure bout that... he had GOT Gal and other series on dangerbabecentral.com - old materials, but something I have always wanted to add to the collection :)
>> No. 9448
File 135459456460.jpg - (144.93KB , 560x420 , RJ053267_img_main.jpg )
Anyone know where I could find a game download link 'Nanika Modoki Hajimete no Okaasan'?

Looking at the character CGs, I am really impressed with how many there are as they full pregnancy progresses.

I originally saw the game on a torrent on deadfrog by finalixerX, but it had long since been dead.

Google has only given me torrents for the CG.

Hope anyone knows where I could find a game download.
>> No. 9454
File 135467735818.jpg - (478.47KB , 970x1123 , pregger hentai.jpg )
Not sure if it's a CGI thing or a screen from a hentai. Not even sure if there's any birth. But it was in a pregnant thread on 2chan, so it might be something good.
>> No. 9462
It's a photoshop.
>> No. 9466

well a pixiv artist drew that exact scene here: www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=16993014

(you need to have a pixiv account which allows viewing 18 or above works to view the link, if you don't, create one)
>> No. 9467

It used to be up on his site as a freebie. I had to dig forever but I found it in my archives.

>> No. 9468
It's always a treat when Del Ken comes around.
>> No. 9471
>> No. 9476
I'm completely shocked you found it and went digging for it - I figured it was a complete long shot. Lemme knw if I can repay the favor
>> No. 9483
as thanks:
>> No. 9649
Thanks!! Do you know which game >>8919 came from?
>> No. 9662
Can you upload the LovePreg3 and LovePreg2 by Misakix Megamix? I heard it was already released.
>> No. 9674

(I don't have information on the third one, but I can confirm that the second was definitely purchasable at a Melonbooks store some time ago.)

((More generally, doujinshi and volumes which are never uploaded despite knowledge of their existence are a constant unfortunate aspect of this position. Maybe start (or search for and add to) an Exhentai bounty if you can find the bounty system? <has no idea how to get to it at present>))
>> No. 9735

Follow-up on 9674; store checked, LovePreg 3 not present there, and according to the Melonbooks and Tora no Ana websites it will be released on the last day of December. If there are different release dates, it may actually be the last day of December for Tora no Ana, and 'some time in the last third of December' for Melonbooks. Either way, not in fact available quite yet as far as I can tell.
>> No. 9745

Random note, I've talked to MisakiX a few times in the past. He's a nice guy. Reminds me a bit of IdleHQ in a way, except Japanese. -w-
>> No. 9773
Here's one I'd be amazed if someone had:

A long time ago on a yahoo group far far away, a 3D artist by the name of Captain Red beard but out a 5-7 short 10 pic comics of women(mostly cheerleaders) in labor.

Does anyone else remember this?
>> No. 9782

I remember Captain Redbeard's stuff. I enjoyed it immensely back when I first found it. I recently rediscovered it, and found that it wasn't all that great. ^^;

A bit of it can be seen here, though a login is required.

>> No. 9901
File 13562856964.jpg - (215.94KB , 620x876 , test.jpg )
I'm looking for the guy who did this. Any help locating said artist/art would be appreciated.
>> No. 9958
File 135650320051.png - (224.58KB , 600x201 , unknown5.png )
Where is this from?
>> No. 9961
File 13565266505.jpg - (283.45KB , 800x600 , GAL2_5687.jpg )
>> No. 10001
File 135667897298.gif - (572.25KB , 500x288 , tumblr_m7g7j3GgTq1qfsvizo1_500.gif )
Here's a different sort of request.

I found this gif of Eureka giving birth. What episode is this from? owo;
>> No. 10017
Eureka Seven: AO Ep 14 after the 20 min mark.
Doesn't last long, though the scene is longer than the gif. :)
>> No. 10018
*I mean the 12 min mark. Not 20.
>> No. 10025

Someone uploaded LovePreg 2!

exhentai dot org (or g.e-hentai maybe), /g/552068/81e4d2af53/
>> No. 10026

If something doesn't contain loli, shota, or bestiality, it can be found on e-hentai.
>> No. 10039
File 135687733814.png - (638.04KB , 800x599 , 133953575820.png )
can anyone tell me where I can download eroshi shyaraku works?
>> No. 10063
File 135698114348.jpg - (226.69KB , 420x595 , Unknown-695375581318906979425.jpg )
Does anyone know the source for this?
>> No. 10066
there are some pay-to-download sites which really do have some of sharaku (I found a way to bypass the paying and downloaded the files for myself)

Try searching erojishi gumi to get started
>> No. 10111
thank you very much, I found a good one and I can download it. I will post it if anyone is interested
>> No. 10142
File 135716291198.jpg - (41.04KB , 525x525 , 31df409f449f4e38d1392d35bfc06d393471f768.jpg )
I've found several images similar in style to this one, so who made this, and where can I find their works?
>> No. 10164
File 135726027749.jpg - (56.48KB , 800x600 , preggwoman.jpg )
I've had this image for a very long time and only now began to wonder where it came from. I've started wondering because it reminds me a lot of Nao from Mabinogi, so I thought it was just a very good fanart of her. Is it maybe from a specific visual novel rather than being fanart?
>> No. 10168
File 135728281325.jpg - (114.84KB , 971x728 , 1546177671.jpg )
need help finding this morpher.I remeber him being on expansionmansion before they got rid of the galleries.
>> No. 10182

That looks like the fourth character in this game ('ANI Yome Dakara'); I didn't find the writing appealing, but it's understandable that some parts of it could be found pleasant.

>> No. 10200

Thanks. That actually is her. I found a gallery of CGs on ehen for that game.
>> No. 10255
File 13577128326.png - (618.64KB , 1162x1024 , 1339195098109.png )
Hey everybody, does anybody know what the source of this is? Thanks for the help!
>> No. 10287
Found it myself. The source is http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Ondine
Unfortunately they don't have much more preg stuff :/
>> No. 10305
anybody know the source of this one?

>> No. 10672
Looking for a comic, pretty sure I found it in an exhentai gallery, but I can't find it anymore...

Boyfriend and girlfriend go cave diving, and the boyfriend gets infected/possessed by a monster/alien/demon/ancient evil, whatever. Head spinning around, climbing up the walls, etc. He chases down and rapes her, she gets pregnant.

Her sister is already pregnant, and both of them end up ridiculously big. Neither of the parents seem to think any of it is strange.
>> No. 10683
Sounds interesting.
Anyone know of this?
>> No. 10752
It's gone with the original PG-13 forum.


I remember that RP, it was back when I was in the middle of highschool and didn't know anything about RPG etiquette or originality - I was an annoying little snot back then. It sucks that by the time I started maturing, the RPG ended.
>> No. 10754
Damnit, sorry, wrong thread. >_>
>> No. 10756
That's alright. ^_^
>> No. 10861
File 136035959014.jpg - (31.70KB , 240x223 , To_LOVE-Ru_240_1099619.jpg )
found this zerochan

anyone know where it came from?
>> No. 10864

the picture you posted actually says "to love ru" in it and i know because i have seen it that this is correct :)
>> No. 10865
File 136038014918.gif - (13.40KB , 163x253 , CaptobviousChooseOption.gif )
Thanks for the info.
>> No. 10879
I know that

I meant what chapter
>> No. 10941

To-Love-Ru Darkness, chapter 19, page 23.

>> No. 11162
File 136156984695.jpg - (71.56KB , 520x549 , ab88f4dda0b0d303fbbf81024fa6556d.jpg )
anyone know where this is from?
>> No. 11450
File 136232065256.jpg - (216.44KB , 640x916 , image.jpg )
Source please? Also recommendations for pregnant comics along the way?
>> No. 11451
(C75) [Oricomplex (orico)] うまかゆ日記 4 (バイオハザード)

>> No. 11855
File 136417811014.jpg - (222.38KB , 1200x1553 , 1356225597710.jpg )
Can someone tell me where this came from and is there more?
>> No. 11859
No idea if there is more to that comic
>> No. 11863
Looks like there should be.
>> No. 11864
File 136424927596.png - (655.56KB , 1650x1275 , SleepyMaid_2012-08-24-22-haigupony.png )
Aaaaaand there isn't :-/
So I found this instead.
>> No. 11954
Does anyone have an english translation of LovePreg 1 and 2?
>> No. 12004
Where's the rest of this image? Ae there more of this? XD

>> No. 12099

did someone have this game? share pls if anyone have it
>> No. 12116
Don't really know if this appropriate to post here or not, but... Quite some time ago, I stumbled across a very weird set of sketched gifs featuring pregnant girls, many of which were animated to flash between an xray interior and normal exterior shot. What was so unusual? The girls in question weren't pregnant in their bellies, but in their *breasts*! I haven't been able to find them since and I was wondering if anyone else might have seen them?

As I recall, there were eight pics in the set. One triad featuring a mousey/shy-looking woman in a business suit, who had an animated posing pic, an animated gif of her being embarrassed in an office setting when a kick from one baby bursts her shirt, and a birthing pic. There was an animated gif of a breast-pregnant woman trying to be squeezed into a corset by another woman. An animated gif of a woman with six pregnant breasts. A "by months" unanimated gif, and two more animated gifs with the same woman; a picture of her staring at her breasts whilst holding her bra (revealing she's got twins) and an animated gif of her giving birth.

Any help would be appreciated.
>> No. 12119
I don't have the game itself, but if it makes you any happier, someone has uploaded the thing onto exhentai (images only, no flash)

>> No. 12211
Ignore the title, It's not my own link so if it's wrong, tell me, I'll try to upload mine

>> No. 12222
I'm not quiet looking for a source since I know it, but the author had to take it off DA and hasn't reposted anywhere to my knowledge, and when I messaged him he said there was a bunch of stuff he wanted to redo on it, but I felt it was fine, his call, but I was wondering if anyone happened to all four chapters of Full moon, and The bitch is back chap one and 2, done by Aellinea who is now RiddleAellinea, I've been dieing to get that story again since it had amazing rapid preggy (it was more like inflation) but in the last chap it was massive preggy with tentacles, and movement, as well as sort of multiple preggys, it did also have futa but thats negligable.
>> No. 12233
Here's where you can find them:

However, you need an FA account. ;-)
>> No. 12318
Thanks falloutghoul, doesn't look like he's posted it there yet, but at least I can keep an eye out for it mow.
>> No. 12414
I don't feel like making an entire thread for this, so I'll post it here.
does anyone have more pics/stories like the ones in this website? (note: japanese)


Based on terrible google translate translation, these generally about women who have an (very unrealistically) extremely bloody and difficult time giving birth for reasons such as: baby too big, vag/pelvis too small, etc. and this strangely enough really arouses me.
>> No. 12421
You've got to look in the Scraps section.
>> No. 12422
And also, the original owner is a "she." ;-)
>> No. 12433
Hmm I must be missing something, because I've looked over both of aellinea's FA accounts in all the tabs while logged in and I'm only finding their art.
>> No. 12435
You need an FA account, and also must have Mature and Adult works selected in order to see them.
>> No. 12463
HOT DAMN i love you falloutghoul thank you
>> No. 12464
File 136657385058.jpg - (315.87KB , 800x1130 , FinalixerX's Random Ninpu Gallery 12 0698.jpg )
this one looks familiar...
>> No. 12476
Now that look interesting! Sauce, anyone?
>> No. 12477
File 136660055568.jpg - (200.66KB , 1269x909 , BLOG.jpg )

Here's your sauce


Source anyone?
>> No. 12510

The art style looks like that of 'AIR XX', listed as by 'Aa, Warera Katou Hayabusa Sentoutai (Katou)'. An inflation/obesity group, with only rare pregnancy. Searching exhentai... not found. Searching mugimugi... not found. Odd. Searching Google-found circle page... can't identify. The person (on the right) in まふパラ4 picture in http://katohayabusa.sakura.ne.jp/event/kikan.html has a identical ears, but a different eyebrow shape; the person in Inu Shiru has the eybrow shape, but different ears... It could also be a sub-character in a work. In any case, I hope this is helpful in terms of art style/author.

Ah, and the source image is in FinalixerX's Random Ninpu Gallery XII, which was uploaded 2009-10-13, so the work has to be from before then. (Granted, that doesn't narrow it down very much.) (For what it's worth, it might be worth investigating/suspecting the Mafupara ones, which seem to be the main plausible works not present on exhentai.)
>> No. 12520
File 136674755667.jpg - (116.24KB , 800x1130 , maru6-3.jpg )

Close, but you didn't search thorougly enough.

It's some free giveaway doujinshi he made for the summer Comiket in 2007. You can find it in Kato's gallery on his page:

It's below the category ペーパー (paper), where he posted all of his free stuff, next to 2007年冬コミ (Summer Comiket 07). You may visit his site or just follow the links I post here:






Technically, it's not pregnancy, but still enjoyable. Check out his other stuff. I believe this pic (from his 2008 giveaway) is the only pregnancy pic he ever drew.
>> No. 12541

Well done! I indeed entirely missed that section. <applause>

Though they may not count as pictures, true pregnancy features in the story of the final pages for Maru Inu and DevLimit, with the first two omake(?) pages of Maru Inu being plausible set during the real pregnancy. Maru Inu also features souzou ninshin ({false pregnancy}/pseudocyesis), which emotionally speaking is pleasant to observe.
>> No. 12542
File 13668393314.jpg - (34.09KB , 400x545 , maru3-5.jpg )

(Also, in the section you showed me, this is the fifth page of the 2003 pages and is described as pregnancy.)
>> No. 12584
File 136699543316.jpg - (171.22KB , 688x1232 , 1182410707535.jpg )
Any clue on this one?
>> No. 12592

Wow, I was looking for that picture for years... though I hope there is a version that isn't so pixilated.
>> No. 12595
File 136705129972.jpg - (67.66KB , 1000x697 , 0628_z_23.jpg )
>> No. 12615

source of this?
>> No. 12628
Access denied. I have no idea what's in that link. :C
>> No. 12639
sorry, is a GIF of a hentai video but I can't post it because the size of the file is too big.
here is the link where I found it.
>> No. 12643
That's from Special Agents Rei & Fuko Episode 4.
>> No. 12649
Thank you!
>> No. 12722
Um, does anyone have the original of the pregchan logo of the nude girl with the ribbon? :3
>> No. 12786
File 136769121022.jpg - (85.94KB , 600x200 , 133027386241.jpg )
I also want to ask similar question like >>12722, but this instead. She reminds me of a female character from Princess Lover, but I don't know if the game had a sequel/continuation or it was unrelated after all.
>> No. 12807
File 136780303070.jpg - (606.49KB , 1024x768 , Celia_Kumani_Entory_full_848920.jpg )

Actually, that looks like a character from Walkure Romanze. Her name is Celia Kumani Entory according to the image file name. Unfortunately, I got the images of her from a site that was strictly PG stuff.
>> No. 12810

Where can I find this then?
>> No. 12833
Ok, I am not sure if this is the right place to put a request, but, does anyone have porn where women are pregnant on the breasts and.or are giving birth from them?
>> No. 12837
File 136803296427.jpg - (459.81KB , 900x800 , 18156932.jpg )
>> No. 12842
File 13680558555.jpg - (21.62KB , 800x583 , Beaker Wat.jpg )
>> No. 12844
The awesomeness is too much for words, is it not?
>> No. 12845
I personally don't understand it, but I won't begrudge the guy for his tastes. Different strokes for different blokes, after all.

I also needed an excuse to use that Beaker image.
>> No. 12852

No arousal here, but it's a little interesting to examine the connections. Blue-purple haired born from breast of green-haired, green-haired born from breast of blue-haired, pink-haired born from breast of blond, blond born semi-normally from blue-haired, and blue-haired born normally(?).

The most confusing part is that the blue-haired girl has an entire second torso growing out of her neck (and it's the only one that has arms).
>> No. 12892
Thanks! Sankaku Complex confirms it! Time to hunt the CGs!
>> No. 13124

I'm bad/new at this. If someone could point me towards this that'd be great
>> No. 13129
>> No. 13353

>> No. 13509

>> No. 13517
Still cannot find a game download for this. The CG on exhentai is quite extensive. Makes me really want to try it.
>> No. 13518
ShindoL's "Becoming a Girl"
>> No. 13541
Also known in anime form as TSF Monogatari.
>> No. 13593
File 137081335589.png - (280.85KB , 640x480 , 215.png )
I know the author of this image, but can anyone pinpoint where specifically it's from?
>> No. 13596
File 137082440797.jpg - (271.71KB , 900x1200 , tumblr_mkltk1wqJ21rxsd2eo1_1280.jpg )
Found this on Tumblr. Anyone had any ideas re: its origins?
>> No. 13622
Here ya go.
>> No. 13623
I apologize if I am in the wrong for this but I do not have any pics for it but if I am correct and if I remember this comic I have been looking for is called "The Another Story", there are 2 parts to it and it has pregnancy, sex, and birth in it......i think the circle for the whole thing was called domesticated animals......I am sorry I do not have an image, but I cannot find it ANYWHERE. I used to have it from some posts someone did on 4chan but I can't find the 2 parts again. If anyone can help or steer me in the right direction it would be very appreciated. :) Once again sorry for no example image.
>> No. 13652



You're looking for "Machi: The Another Story". A favorite of mine.

>> No. 13656
still no luck for this?

>> No. 13661
That is only gonna show up if someone buys it from japan, and that is only if they still can
>> No. 13662

Actually, I've seen that around on exhentai before, but it seems to have been removed. So it's somewhere on teh interwebz, somewhere....
>> No. 13671
Is that the one with the girls getting somewhat controlled by parasites? in that case, saha has it, aswell it might be under parasite category in exhentai.
>> No. 13675
It isn't.
>> No. 13815
anyone know where this one's from? it was in the x-ray thread

>> No. 13858

>> No. 14087

Would you mind please giving us the title of that one, for those of us that ex-hentai seems to hate (seriously, I've never been there before and I'm getting the damn panda).
>> No. 14109
download this and add it to your chrome or firefox browser http://haruhichan.com/wpblog/index.php/815/exhentai-chrome-plugin-get-past-sad-panda.html
>> No. 14134

Hm... Still doesn't seem to be working, even though I followed the steps (registered at the e-hentai forums and got the plugin, and I have an older version of FF so I shouldn't be having the problem people with the new versions are having). Is there a step I'm maybe missing?
>> No. 14161
File 137345401882.jpg - (185.19KB , 1024x768 , preview0428dacb958824d4a966996d14681dec.jpg )
Anyone got the clean image of this without the hand in the way?
>> No. 14178
Probably somewhere in here:


(How could you be sure there even is one without the hand?)
>> No. 14253
File 137382901071.jpg - (289.55KB , 740x505 , 59_upload3.jpg )
What's this?
>> No. 14272
File 137391196126.jpg - (278.39KB , 1024x699 , darkestcornerz200810121731341.jpg )
They're from something called DarkestCornerZ.
Anyone have any info on that?
>> No. 14350
File 13741676506.jpg - (382.24KB , 1127x1600 , 244698.jpg )
>> No. 14356
Well it's hard to miss Xration's style and the RO theme, so probably:

(C78) (同人誌) [Xration] 触写 四のおまけ本 (ラグナロクオンライン)
>> No. 14363

So there's no actual comic, huh? Just 6 pictures or so?
>> No. 14386

That one's just an image set, yes. Xration does have doujins too, though he's not really one to dwell on the topic of pregnancy for very long.
>> No. 14409

This is(/is almost definitely) from a certain game (short visual novel format, no choices) made by the author; I don't have it on this computer, but in the I was able to obtain it and enjoyed certain parts significantly.

In any case... <search> Ah, it's this. 家庭内交尾 by 暁勝家のサークル .


If you use Google, it might still be obtainable somewhere (depending on the status of certain file hosting websites).
>> No. 14431
Did someone already uploaded some of Siawase Okiba's works? I found so many samples in the site but no one uploaded anything
Also, is Katashibu week 40 already released?
source: siawase(dot)dojin(dot)com
>> No. 14433
Actually, katashibu week 40 has been indefinitely delayed. That's why the date in the banner is crossed out.

Also, a lot of his/hers works are on gehentai already. Have you tried looking there?
>> No. 14434
File 137455020461.gif - (958.96KB , 245x194 , spiderman_crying.gif )
>Actually, katashibu week 40 has been indefinitely delayed.
>> No. 14438
Where these already uploaded?




Can't seem to find them on E-Hentai.org >_<
>> No. 14447

C83 has not been released yet, but the other two have. Try looking for them using the tag "siawase Okiba"
>> No. 14448
File 137459045956.jpg - (85.30KB , 931x858 , image.jpg )
>> No. 14500
File 137489042479.jpg - (184.51KB , 560x420 , 1374878865513.jpg )
Any news on this? Its on Jap dlsite
>> No. 14506

Explanation: they're both only on exhentai, not g-e.hentai, probably because they both have 'bestiality'.

>> No. 14509
It looks promising.
>> No. 14520

All I see is a Zombie with a dildo. Not sure how you get promising from that.

Also, to all the people who never seen 'Zombie' and 'Dildo' in the same sentence: You are welcome.
>> No. 14556
That's a leg actually
>> No. 14578
Ahh, I see.
>> No. 14581
>> No. 14582
>> No. 14586
Let us know if there are any expansion/pregnancy scenes, and when they occur.
>> No. 14587
There is one scene and it's always at the end. Oh Edge systems..
>> No. 14593
Disappointing, not surprising.
>> No. 14621
Thanks for letting me know. :-)
>> No. 14879
For a while I've been looking for an old doujinshi that use to be on e-hentai pre-fjords era (a few years ago). It involved a girl being swept up off the streets during the night by a sort of furred triangular eared monster. I don't know if you could quite call it "furry" since it resembled no common species. She was taken down into the sewers where a bunch of strange mutants and other sewer dwelling creatures live. It was very strange almost like if miyazaki did hentai lol. The art was all black and white if I can remember right, and a few notes that I do remember about the plot is that the abducting beast ends up impregnanting the girl. Even stranger, she is locked with his cock until she's ready to birth, so he carries her around with him?

I can't remember the name of the piece, but it was pretty long with possibly even multiple volumes. I think it had "sewer" or "sewers" in the translated name?
>> No. 14880
I've been wondering for a long time. Did Jag27 ever finish his Sperm Alien comic?, and is still available online?
>> No. 14882

The manga you're talking about is by Horihone Saizou and the title of the collection is Drainage City volume 2. The title of that chapter is "Roaming Around At Night" and is in two parts.
>> No. 14888
*ears perk*
Did somebody mention Drainage City?!

That manga is the most awesome / creepy thing ever XD (well, really depends on where your lines are ^^; )

I had totally forgotten its name until you said it! Thanks X3
>> No. 14894
I definitely like the part where that one girl gets pregnant from this furry beast and slowly transforms into one herself.
So cute!
>> No. 14900
They had some weird ones, but that one was a good one.
(...I kinda remember something about one where they trained peoples' bodies to serve as living taps / refillable beer kegs D: )
>> No. 14908
>> No. 14914
It was kind of a "brain bleach plz" moment.
>> No. 14927
Horihone Saizou is not for everyone. There is pregnant content but some of it is nightmare fuel. Some is so grotesque as to be strangely erotic.
>> No. 14928
That is best description of Horihone Saizou's works I have ever heard!

Speaking of. As a "browse at your own risk" thingy, does anyone know of any uploads of Drainage City or other works? I'd love to read his works again, even if it's nightmare fuel-ish at times XD
>> No. 14929
I was poking around recently for Drainage City. Though there is a torrent, it doesn't have any seeds.
I'd love to...examine his work, just as well.
>> No. 14949

I know several volumes of his manga have been translated but don't remember who did them. Maybe SaHa? You could check his translation site. Try checking ExHentai as well. I can't right now since the Firefox plugin I used is broken. And I'm too busy to bother with fixing cookies.
>> No. 14985
Yeah, it's on Ex-Hentai. I read some of it last night, and it sure is something. I found the different scenarios to be quite attractive, even if the pregnant content isn't much. (Particularly the adorable boy in overalls, with continuously growing breasts.)
Unfortunately, my laptop just broke, meaning I'll have to wait a couple of weeks to read the rest :/
>> No. 15400
File 137787847190.jpg - (46.83KB , 796x480 , title.jpg )
>> No. 15446
I remember watching this months ago and now all i cand find is this clip. Cany anyone either tell me the name of the movie or a link to the whole thing.

here is a link to the clip: http://www.hentaicrack.com/videos/12987/hentai-guy-with-all-his-pregnant-ladys/
>> No. 15612
Who was the artist for this picture?

>> No. 16035

Looks like Eroigazoushibu.

Let's see... yep.

All works on pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=7708

Source picture: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=31832495
>> No. 16043
Anyone know the source of this?

>> No. 16044

try searching 12CUT on exhentai
>> No. 16114
Anyone know the source for this?
>> No. 16115
sorry i forgot post the pic lol
Anyone know the source for this?
>> No. 16124
this game is hard to find

>> No. 16133
File 137998263844.jpg - (142.50KB , 1000x1175 , 1.jpg )
I found these 2 doujins( well, one is certainly a doujin) on Tumblr, and was wondering if anyone would know the titles, author names, anything useful.

The first appears to be about a schoolgirl who appears to be going into labor in class; found 3 pages of it.

>> No. 16134
File 137998265081.jpg - (230.55KB , 1000x1175 , 2.jpg )
>> No. 16135
File 137998266332.jpg - (212.25KB , 1000x1175 , 3.jpg )
>> No. 16136
File 137998273928.jpg - (443.66KB , 1200x1750 , seramuun1.jpg )
The other is a Sailor Moon doujin. (I also found a credits page from another SM doujin which appears to be by the same author)

>> No. 16137
File 137998275891.jpg - (265.71KB , 1200x1750 , seramuun2.jpg )
>> No. 16138
File 13799827947.jpg - (77.99KB , 896x1280 , seramuun3.jpg )

Like I said, looks like the same author
>> No. 16143
you requested three here they are by order (all from ex hentai)(but i didnt manege to find the third one):
>> No. 16245
File 138055409524.png - (542.67KB , 523x716 , 581740-screen_shot_2012_10_08_at_9_20_30_pm.png )
anyone know where this comes from?
>> No. 16246

Ugh! You wouldn't dare to see the baby that cute girl gave birth to in that link (the full doujin). It's an ugly hybrid creature!

Wow, pregnant Sailor Senshis' kinda hot! (You could find Sailor Jupiter's doujin in exhentai, FYI) Too bad, no pregnant sex. Wish the artist made Sailor Venus and Mars next!
>> No. 16247
>> No. 16343
Ah yes, we get that one a lot.
That's TSF Monogatari.
There's an OVA based on it, I recommend it.
>> No. 16399

amazing. n e 1 got teh sauce?
>> No. 16408
Here: >>16343
>> No. 16568
I've tried to find it by myself but...well, if I had succeded, I wouldn't be asking for the source here.
Also the first on bringing the artista gets a special thanks.
>> No. 16752
Does anyone know the origins of this photo? (note: already uploaded in this thread)

>> No. 16774
File 138394227197.jpg - (332.74KB , 560x420 , RJ031068_img_main.jpg )
anyone know this game? I would like to know an opinion of this before buy it
>> No. 16799

I think it's in one of FinalixerX's torrents; I didn't get very far into it, but it didn't leave a positive impression on me. If you're going to buy something, you should probably choose something more well-made (unless you have all of those already).
>> No. 16801
ok, thanks. I assumed it was bad. I don´t buy this
>> No. 16849
File 138470402491.jpg - (697.32KB , 850x1166 , MechDefeat.jpg )
Found this posted over at Gelbooru, any sauce on it?
>> No. 16850

She's Nagato from Kantai Collection (Kancolle).
And I'm pretty sure Gelbooru has listed the source and everything, no?
>> No. 16853

Yes they do, but with the description combinations thrown in it is rather difficult. Since you pegged the anime series for me, though, I was able to filter it further - author is Aodouhu (Neromasin).

Time for some ExHentai hunting then with this info - Thanks anon!
>> No. 16916
File 138507985027.jpg - (68.33KB , 560x420 , RJ064133_img_main.jpg )
what about this? someone have it?
>> No. 16944
>> No. 16953
The artist is in the filename.
And the artist is from Hentai-Foundry.
>> No. 17025
Google reverse image search turned up this:
>> No. 17047
Many thanks!
>> No. 17070
Where does this come from? http://www.pregchan.com/preg/res/6954.html No. 6965 File 134252705319.jpg
>> No. 17084
Where does this http://www.pregchan.com/preg/res/290.html No.297 13272770031.jpg
No.1305 File 132879788732.jpg
No. 7276 File 134363537653.jpg
No. 7772 File 134679309591.jpg
No. 7773 File 134679311012.jpg
No. 7778 File 13468679178.jpg
No. 8618 File 135103057982.jpg
No. 9175 File 135338729460.jpg
No. 9177 File 135338737671.jpg
No. 9236 File 135381279414.jpg
No. 12039 File 136501369726.gif
come from?
>> No. 17085
You know some of them are too old and nobody answer where it came from...
>> No. 17091
1305: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/128066/e2e6524e4e/

7276: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=27959958 (you need a pixiv account with an age above 18 to view it and the artists other works)

7772: http://exhentai.org/g/285442/1228f4b89b/

7773 and 7778: http://exhentai.org/g/517030/178a15fc65/?p=2

8618: http://exhentai.org/g/518382/0a40ed3ba5/?p=3

9175: I *think* I've seen that on deviantart before, don't know the exact source

9177: http://exhentai.org/g/63982/d802af0d27/

9236: same as 7773 and 7778, but for some reason, it's not in the exhentai gallery

12039: http://exhentai.org/g/410967/20bb118671/
>> No. 17117
Excuse me if this isn't the thread to ask it, but, Is there any hentai where instead of women giving birth to inhuman/semi-inhuman babies, there are monster girl, monsters, animals, whatever, giving birth to HUMAN progeny?
>> No. 17143
Where is this from

>> No. 17229
Source? http://www.pregchan.com/preg/src/134252705319.jpg
>> No. 17233
What anime shows that? What episode?
>> No. 17237
Where does this http://www.pregchan.com/preg/src/135338729460.jpg comes from?
I have wanted to see birth images that are not sexually distorted, and this one is just that.
>> No. 17242
You can just click on the post numbers to ask what the source is.
>> No. 17250

You need a pixiv account with an age above 18 to view it
>> No. 17252
I think this is from anime. Well it might be on pixiv but the origin must be anime. The character looks like anime character, not just drawing.
>> No. 17315
This is great! Source?
>> No. 17335
How do I do that?

Also looking for these
>> No. 17343
You just did it.
>> No. 17363
I think this guy is looking for the original source, outside from pregchan.
>> No. 17452
File 138844837931.jpg - (112.76KB , 471x700 , 20130519135211824.jpg )
Found this body pillow design online for a character called Asagi Igawa. Clearly she's pregnant so I googled the character and the "taimanin asagi" series she's from. But can't find any media where the character looks pregnant.

The anime series itself has no preg content, so I'd appreciate any info on it?
>> No. 17458
Like this?
>> No. 17469

Damn what a gold mine, surprised I hadn't seen it before.

But even with that gallery I can only find random pregnant images, Is there any game CG or maybe even manga where the images originate from?
>> No. 17475
How does one get access to exhentai?
>> No. 17478
http://howtoaccessexhentai.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/how-to-access-exhentai-org-2012-update/ (firefox)

howtoaccessexhentai.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/how-to-access-exhentai-org-google-chrome/ (chrome)

Man, we really need a sticky thread for this
>> No. 17487
Just be forewarned. There's no guarantee those instructions will work for you.
>> No. 17496
I demand to know the source for this!
>> No. 17498
>> No. 17500
I don't think it's pregnancy-related.
>> No. 17502
>Haha! I think she'd end up in labour before she could squeeze so many babies into her belly :XD:
- "artist"
>> No. 17516
That quote's taken out of context and is about her set of progression images for her OC.

It's not, but that's the source, nevertheless.
>> No. 17520
that's from deviantart, i remember seeing that image with a dA watermark on it before. as to who the artist is, I don't know, but I've seen the dA watermark on that before.
>> No. 17760
Experienced RP player here. Interests are pregnancy, birth, homebirths, historical/fantasy settings, detailed descriptions, lactation, ABR/ANR and more if you contact me.

Dislikes: short one line posts with bad spelling and grammar, not taking the lead in posting, accelerated pregnancy, scat, watersports, needleplay , bloodplay

Contact me at :
YIM: preying_piranha

Better to send me an e-mail first describing your character or just a line or two about yourself
>> No. 17851
File 139091391045.jpg - (392.13KB , 1200x900 , image.jpg )
Please assist me in finding the rest of this series
>> No. 17852

>> No. 17886
Many many thanks my good sir, although it seems the link is dead, sad panda:(
Would anyone else help me out?
>> No. 17898
It's not dead, search how to access exhentai on google
>> No. 17899
Actually that might help, sadly I do not own a PC, I'm using a tablet, I could ask one last Cavour, could you post it here?im fine if you won't, thanks for your help, with the link though!
>> No. 17982
File 139120493898.jpg - (41.39KB , 640x480 , genki_gyno2.jpg )
Anyone know the source for these two?
>> No. 17984
File 139120573277.jpg - (94.86KB , 640x480 , RJ017932.jpg )
I was going to also ask about this one, but then I unexpectedly found it's source, which is also the source for this one >>8318

Source: www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ017932.html/?unique_op=af
>> No. 17986

I think most of Jupiter Novel's stuff never came to public light on the internet.
>> No. 17996
File 139123374128.jpg - (133.70KB , 560x400 , freeadvertisingandpublicityforjupiter.jpg )
Considering how I've never seen those two gems anywhere else on the internet (8318 and 18984, I found both of them), I'd also think so.

I would kill for jupiter novel's works with birth in them, they seem fairly detailed
>> No. 18250
Source of these? I assume they are from one same manga? Possibly a Touhou doujin?
>> No. 18251
>> No. 18504
File 139230439318.jpg - (317.67KB , 871x1244 , image.jpg )
Source plzzzz
>> No. 18506
Reupload this please!
>> No. 18933
File 139355202795.jpg - (27.67KB , 528x590 , tumblr_mxs2x4iZKi1t6qm1po1_1280.jpg )
I've seen multiple pictures from this artist, but never quite caught their name. Does anyone know it?
>> No. 18937

The artist is known as Kuromitu. His/her website doesn't seem to exist any longer, though.
>> No. 18976
Nice shading, I agree, any one have any ideas?
>> No. 19035
File 139420420437.jpg - (94.86KB , 787x1303 , murasame01.jpg )
Hey all, looong time ago, there's these series of 4 pictures by Mr. Murasamemaru, in Alumineko's Guest Gallery. I tried using the Wayback Machine, but I can only get these 3, and missing the 4th and last one. Anyone has it?

Also, is this the same Mr. Murasamemaru who makes the Domestic Animal dojins? Pity... I really liked his old arts better :(
>> No. 19036
File 139420423063.jpg - (95.90KB , 787x1191 , murasame02.jpg )
the 2nd pict
>> No. 19037
File 139420425398.jpg - (65.50KB , 611x1063 , murasame03.jpg )
And the 3rd pict. 4th one should be her holding her tummy while sitting, in green bikini.
>> No. 19156
Anyone know how to get 絶望の孤島 working? Constantly freezes when it's about to go to the main menu.
>> No. 19234
This isn't really a source request, it's more of a "I know a picture exists but I cannot find it." sort of thing. It's a girl from Naruto I think, massively pregnant and resting on her belly, with her arms tied together above her body. I have no idea who the artist is, but it may be Shydude. Thanks in advance!
>> No. 19404
File 139662845526.png - (227.91KB , 470x600 , pinkie pie pop.png )
GUys, i was wondering if you could find any more of this guy's edits, on derpibooru, he's called muh-arts, thats all i know of him, i was thinking that, there could be more to this really cool series of colored pics. His trademark thing is this after picture with a glow,and its just not marrazan art, hes been editing
>> No. 19406
File 139662850334.png - (247.22KB , 470x600 , pinkie pie pop clone.png )
another one
>> No. 19409
bump. I've been looking for this one for a long time
>> No. 19413
File 139665292787.jpg - (98.23KB , 847x943 , anko.jpg )
IS this is?
>> No. 19414
>> No. 19427
100%, many thanks
>> No. 19645
i have alot of old art from deviantart saved on my harddrive, anyone looking for something? i'll see if i can satisfy your search

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