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File 134553514791.jpg - (179.76KB , 1280x960 , 115.jpg )
7606 No. 7606
So, apparently you can mod Oblivion to have sex, rape, prostitution, and pregnancy all animated and part of the game mechanics. I found it on this site here: http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/XLovers_for_Oblivion

the main site for the mod is here: http://loverslab.com

anybody know how to mod Oblivion real well? I tried doing this but it didn't work. :(

Screen shot from actual modded game. Yes, the mod involves pregnancy, but I couldn't find screenshots of it. Let's all have fun with it if we can get it to work! :)
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>> No. 7617
>rev 78 is now obsolete you should use rev 85 english release.
>Lovers with PK 1.4.1 rev 85 (includes everything as of 26/01/11):

Can't find a download link, if you can give me one i'll be happy to help you.
>> No. 7631
Okay, i feel stupid, all the downloads are at Loverslab.
I've installed everything, and it's working, but I don't get how to fuck someone... lol

Gonna go search for a tutorial, brb.
>> No. 7633
The mod works, but apparently you need another mod for pregnancy and other things called "LoversBorn". And I can't find it for now...
>> No. 7637
I guess this is sorta relevant, I just installed and tried out the pregnancy mod for Fallout New Vegas. It has problems, but ohmang is it interesting.
>> No. 7642
Link to the New Vegas one? Or is in the other site too? XD
>> No. 7643
Same site. ;3
>> No. 7652
Darn. I don't play those games on the PC, so signing up just on the off chances of getting some pictures isn't worth it.

Oh hey, it's Metal Forever. Cool.

Anyways, some one should do a lets play of these mods. You know, for those slackers like me who don't want to put in the effort. >=3
>> No. 7653
File 134579942950.jpg - (133.84KB , 1281x1000 , Preg collage 1.jpg )
>>7652 There aren't many preview pictures there anyway. Here's a collage of the "heavy with larva" Mesh. It's a body suit since normal naked pregnant bodies aren't working in the current version, just so you know.

An yes, it does move and squirm.

And I don't know the feasibility of a LP. It's all just cheesy sex animations and then belly growth.
>> No. 7658
File 134585100686.jpg - (107.17KB , 1920x1080 , ScreenShot95.jpg )
Hey a lot of sexout is WIP :p

Also Breeder is the first large scale plugin I've ever created so I'm just learning as I do it.

Anyways, Breeder located here: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=8834
Is about to get a massive update that probably doubles the amount of content. The focus on the update is deathclaw pregnancies.
>> No. 7659
File 134585148875.jpg - (136.74KB , 1920x1080 , ScreenShot171.jpg )
While I'm here...
The clothing selection is quite extensive. I believe almost every single vanilla clothing has 3-6 pregnant sizes of it and with the pregnancy mod they will auto swap as you progress through.
>> No. 7660
File 13458515154.jpg - (173.95KB , 1920x1080 , ScreenShot99.jpg )
>> No. 7661
Hey, looking pretty nice, User29.
We appreciate all you do, man.
>> No. 7664
Wow. I'm tempted to get these games for the PC just for this. XP
>> No. 7666
Can someone help me with SexoutPregnancyV3 for New Vegas? I've installed everything, maxed all the fertility options to 100% but if I scan myself it says that I have 1.01% fertility.
In my inventory I just have one fertility token and another token...

What am I missing?
>> No. 7667

Well, did you install sex mods? Gotta have sex to make babies. Took me a while to figure that out xD And the load order for the mods has to be a specific order.
>> No. 7670
My load order:

The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
>> No. 7671
some people (like me) can't play this game on their PC. would anyone be willing to post some videos of these mods in action?
>> No. 7675

Hmmm, did you also try taking out additional plugins too? I had a similar problem getting my character knocked up with Sexlevelup and Sexnotify running. I unchecked them and it worked again. Also you should get the SexoutStore, it makes getting the better maternity wear available.
>> No. 7676
I nave the basic things to play sexout, they shiuldn't conflict...
I tried to uninstall the game and all the mods and then reinstall them again. Now in my inventory I have:
ZFertCycleToken (89)
ZHuman Ova (cauc) (2)

I tried the bighorner event from SexoutBreeder, but I don't get pregnant.
Also, sexoutstore loads but does not appear as a marker on my map, don't really know where to go...
>> No. 7680

Did you enable all type 2 pregnancies, as in all pregnancies? And which version of Sexout are you using. The new beta version doesn't work with Breeder. v68 is prefered but I have v69 and it works.
>> No. 7683
Yup, it's on 2.
And there's only one download for Sexout (http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=3198), but it's not only Breeder that's not working, it's the whole pregnancy mod...
>> No. 7690

Darn... I can't think of anything else. Sorry :<
>> No. 7766
MetalForever!, I was wondering if your would be willing to post your own load order and which versions of the mods you are using? I managed to install everything, but seem to have messed up someplace as my character flashes between the SexoutCommonResources.esm body and the default FONV body when naked :p Would appreciate any suggestions...
>> No. 7769
>>7766 This should work, put this after all the DLC and Main esm/esp's.

Smaller talk
The Mod Configuration Menu
NVRefugee Outifts
Sexout Sex
Free Tribal Outfits
>> No. 7774
Thanks for the list metal. sorry for the queries. i have been checking the situations out and trying to get everything to work. but there is so much stuff to put in it gets confusing. despite using your list, i still get flickering between pregnant self and non-pregnant model. very irritating...
>> No. 7775
Are you using the latest version of the pregnancy mod, because that is apparently a problem with the latest version? I'm using one that is 2 or 3 versions older.
>> No. 7780
File 134686826747.jpg - (95.46KB , 1920x1080 , ScreenShot16.jpg )
The pregnancy mod is currently a little broken. The guy who's working on it is a bit busy with real life at the moment.

Not to worry though he's does great work. It'll all get sorted out soon enough. Once it works properly I'll release that massive Breeder update.

So if something isn't working right for you guys, it's very likely the mod's fault and not your own. It's all being worked on pretty much daily.
>> No. 7781
File 134686866026.jpg - (206.42KB , 1920x1080 , ScreenShot88.jpg )

If you're getting that flickering that means you've actually installed it right. The body swapping in the pregnancy mod just had that bug. It might be solved now, not that it matters really, as of today's update the game will still CTD on most births.

Attached pic is what will happen to your character if you choose to go through the optional deathclaw mutation. In addition to the tail and horns it has other benefits I won't spoil for people who want to find out for yourselfs :p
>> No. 7782
User29, MetalForever, thanks for the messages.
I have uninstalled the V3 Alpha and tried the beta20120722 and that seems stable. Though I seem to loose a pregnancy if i fiddle with the pregnancy settings in the MOM. Ah well.
MetalForever, thanks again, I am not sure if the 20120722beta is better than the 20120819beta but it seems to work.
User29, thanks for confirming that for me. I wasnt sure if I had missed any support mods and it was flickering due to that. I do remember when i managed to get my character pregnant using the alpha, everything went haywire when she gave birth (after 14 hours for some reason). Will remember to wait for a stable alpha ;)
>> No. 7792
There needs to be a mod like this for Skyrim, that would be awesome.
>> No. 7900
Breeder got a new update. There might be a few bugs in it. The pregnancy mod has also stabilized.
>> No. 8065
So is bodyswapping actually working yet? I abandoned sexout way back when it stopped working and it became apparent that bodyswapping wasn't on the to-do list.
>> No. 8074
Yes it's working as of 1 or 2 updates ago. It might not work occasionally, there's still a few bugs, but he's always working on it. The birthing animation is currently bugged though.
>> No. 14868
weird. I downloaded all those mods but i am unable to import them to FOMM. any help?
>> No. 14883
Good luck with that. Getting these mods to work is almost impossible as there is no guide for people who are new to modding. They just expect you to go over 500 different threads with a fine tooth comb, gather all the required shit and figure it all out for yourself which fucking sucks donkey dick. The fallout new vegas equivalent mods are slightly better than the oblivion ones but even harder to install.
>> No. 14886
File 137673370675.jpg - (273.79KB , 1680x1050 , monthly_08_2013-b5817b4a61ef2757109426603bf51113-2.jpg )
Look at that:

pic related
>> No. 15136
I was an expert with the xlovers modding, I could do anything I dreamed. I made the more perfect and complete prostitution mod ever, but it was too big to upload it (6-7 gb)...
Yesterday I reinstalled oblivion in my computer and know what? I don't remember almost anything. Fuck.
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