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File 137653328492.jpg - (1.14MB , 1280x720 , August0_Final01.jpg )
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This thread is for the posting of original works made or commissioned by you. If commissioned please make sure you have the creators permission before posting.

No single type of image is disallowed however if you are posting objectionable or unusual content please say so in the subject line of the post.

BTW, we need new banners. Any 600*200 image that includes the word "Pregchan" posted with the word 'banner' (that isn't god-awful) will be added to the site.

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>> No. 19710
Thanks dude! You made my Easter!

File 134854382118.png - (543.88KB , 850x1280 , nagala_by_bellydoom.png )
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Got something you want identified? If you have something and you're wondering "What doujin/movie/image set is this from?" or "What artist did this?" or anything like that, this is the place for it. From this point forward, individual threads asking for this sort of thing will be locked.

Thank you, have a nice day. :3
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>> No. 19701
Do you have any of HimitsuDragon's old work before he recreated his account?

File 136112160497.gif - (181.89KB , 1036x654 , 1360683672450.gif )
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Pic hopefully related

A miserable pile of texts... ...and castlevania references!
Actually, a quest thread in the sense of what begins here is a choose-your-own-adventure style story wirtten primarily by a game-master featuring characters controlled by the denizens of the board through dice rolls or votes. While the majority of the story will be controlled by its creator, this allows for audience participation with little need for writing or art prowess on their part, and can take place with as little or as much participation as the audience wishes to put forth.

Seeing the general direction the discussion leading to this point has taken, this style of narrative interaction seemed the most likely to succeed for its appeal to all contributors with minimal commitment on any one part save for the GM; which in this case, will be me.

My hope here is to inspire others to not just add their voice to this story, but also their works for all to appreciate; written, drawn or otherwise; in this thread or any of the other user-generated content threads across the boards of this site.

The format is simple, as are the rules.
An introduction will be made, opening the narrative and setting the scene, from where decisions will have to be made. As the audience steers the course of the story, these decisions will be made by multiple choice votes, i.e;
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
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>> No. 17589
>Asking if someone is doing okay all of a sudden isn't acceptable

File 133162209377.jpg - (246.91KB , 742x450 , 1170.jpg )
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This is the thread for posting pictures drawn by the users. If you draw something, post it here!

This includes pictures drawn in our official weekly oekaki group chat sessions, held at this location every Saturday:

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>> No. 14825
>>Y'know... This seems like a good wrapping up point for this thread.
I agree. Uno momento

File 139038789823.jpg - (709.80KB , 2000x1809 , request thread.jpg )
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Yo peoples :)
The rules of this thread are simples, making requests.

All artists are welcomed to provide requests by everyone. If you don't like a request, don't feel forced to doing it, someone could be interested to doing ;)

Have fun !
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>> No. 19705
ctrl+F James

People with oddly specific requests tend to stand out in your mind.
>> No. 19706
How about some pregfat?
>> No. 19709
File 139805159043.png - (235.37KB , 916x1002 , pregfatquest.png )
I tried, honest!

File 133162199832.jpg - (118.31KB , 373x532 , 1135.jpg )
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Tentacle and Witche 03 (02 march 2012)

do you know others hentai of anime with pregnant woman's will release ?
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>> No. 19548
That's a GREAT birth scene. Heres the link do Valkyrie.

>> No. 19702
File 139797593337.jpg - (38.37KB , 704x396 , snapshot20110125201258.jpg )
so did anyone buy this how was it?
>> No. 19707
It was fantastic.
Better than the stuff that's coming out recently.
Speaking of which, anything new coming out soon?

File 133162081789.jpg - (197.83KB , 700x990 , 123.jpg )
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Since the board is new and needs more life, I thought I'd bring up an often mentioned but rarely focused on aspect of this fetish.

Something I really like is when a woman complains or is in shock about movement during pregnancy. Obviously this rarely happens during a normal pregnancy (except in tragic circumstances, I'm assuming most women are not going to be freaked out about movement when they know they're pregnant), so this often only occurs in science-fiction and horror media. but when it does, it's often also quite... messy.
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>> No. 19562
How about Pupa?
>> No. 19675
Very cute. Shame there's no visible bump, though, especially given that she's supposed to be full-term. I guess you have to use your imagination, yeah?
>> No. 19698
File 139794441350.jpg - (230.55KB , 690x1094 , img000030.jpg )
Oh god, the feels... That's the last time I read shoujo manga. ;_;

File 139771211420.jpg - (2.31KB , 90x90 , images.jpg )
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So, kinda my first time around this block. I think I kind of feel an attraction to it, but I'm not sure why. Already into some weird shit, so nothing surprises me these days. So, tell me, why do you guys like this kind of thing?
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>> No. 19688
I was a kid in the 80s and early 90s. This meant a lot of weird movies, from comedy to sci-fi to horror, contained pregnancy themes. It was also when a kid's friend's parents have their younger kids, and when you're more prone to attend gatherings of your parents and their friends for things like cookouts, volleyball parties and gatherings. When you're a kid in those days you're surrounded by women who seem to be normal everyday teen to 30-somethings one minute and panting, swollen, glowing mothers to be the next.

I happened to develop memory very early on in my life. And by early, I mean sometimes I remember being in the womb. At least, I think I do. I remember everything after being two, for absolute certain. I remember being in the 'safe zone', young enough where some mothers feel safe popping out a breast and nursing their babies, confident and secure that nobody with leering eyes are watching in the wrong way.

I guess I was precocious, but that stuff always struck me as attractive. I mean, the feeling was there. The breasts of a nursing woman and the body of a pregnant woman just struck my senses as being "Woman*1.5" Beautiful, soft, nice smelling, and attractive in a way a thinking feeling organism isn't meant to think about, just feel. The way you don't even have to think about the sexual characteristics of the sex you crave, but it's like the drive to drink or eat.

Before the internet I had to keep these feelings and thoughts totally and utterly hidden. They were so irregular, odd and strange I thought I was just mentally broken. As a man I thought how sexist and misogynistic I must've been, in an era where "be a wife and make babies" was the hallmark of a status quo supporting, oldschool Archie Bunker type that simply MUST have thought women were just for making babies, sandwiches and baby sandwiches. Because you can't logically decouple pregnancy fetishism from relationships with other human beings, right? clearly, if you're fantasizing this way, the thinking was, you'd expect to relate to the opposite sex that way. Which meant you were either a chauvinist, taught or natura
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>> No. 19690
>>19685 @Anonymous:
Where were you when I was growing up? :) hehe.

Seriously though, I think I got into it in a very similar way.
I can't remember exactly when I saw my first birth image or video, but the one that sticks in my memory was a sequence of "birth progression" photos in an old medical book I read once when I was very young. It was around the time I was just starting to figure out that "girls are different down there" though no-one ever explained how. So I think seeing it and a woman giving birth at the same time permanently filed "sexuality" and "birth" in the same place in my mind. From then on, whenever I'd see a pregnant woman or see a birth on TV, I'd feel aroused.

Of course as I got older and started finding women sexually attractive anyway, I found that the whole body shape of a heavily pregnant woman became the most arousing thing possible for me. And I still sought out any birth documentaries on TV or pictures in medical books, that sort of thing. (Though I was never really a fan of the "medically-assisted" birth. I always preferred natural home birthing, or stories about birthing alone in unusual places or something like that).

When I was younger, I thought it was just some crazy fetish that no-one else had. So I always kept it hidden from everyone, in case they thought I was some kind of "freak" or "pervert".
(I knew that a liking for pregnant women was an "acceptable" kink, but since birth was associated with pain and blood and other messy stuff, I'd always assumed that people would think I was a total weirdo for being turned on by it).
When the internet came along, I immediately started searching for more birth-related material and was quite delighted to find that there were others out there who liked it too :)

Like Anonymous there, I do have a romantic side to my rather freaky personality too. And I definitely just wouldn't get a partner pregnant just because I like that.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 19693
I feel like this also moves into not being aware they're pregnant which is just....hoooooo, blows my mind the two or three times I see it

File 133200250060.jpg - (402.86KB , 700x700 , 23728449_p15.jpg )
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>> No. 19405
File 139662849316.jpg - (263.53KB , 901x720 , 276color.jpg )
I know, it's not anime. Shut up.
>> No. 19415
I don't think the thread specified the art style to be that of an anime
>> No. 19684
File 13978505318.jpg - (258.80KB , 960x544 , 1396982364515.jpg )

File 133162091179.jpg - (661.38KB , 1130x1600 , 162.jpg )
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New Pregnant Xray thread here, since the old one got locked up.
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>> No. 19448
File 139674369624.jpg - (252.79KB , 800x600 , 1133.jpg )
"Hajimete no Okaasan"
>> No. 19677
Godannar preg art?

>> No. 19679
anyone have the game to this?
I found part 1 alive. No luck locating part 2 and 3.


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