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File 134854382118.png - (543.88KB , 850x1280 , nagala_by_bellydoom.png )
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Got something you want identified? If you have something and you're wondering "What doujin/movie/image set is this from?" or "What artist did this?" or anything like that, this is the place for it. From this point forward, individual threads asking for this sort of thing will be locked.

Thank you, have a nice day. :3
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>> No. 19737
Hungry-Hobo's work maybe?

File 137653328492.jpg - (1.14MB , 1280x720 , August0_Final01.jpg )
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This thread is for the posting of original works made or commissioned by you. If commissioned please make sure you have the creators permission before posting.

No single type of image is disallowed however if you are posting objectionable or unusual content please say so in the subject line of the post.

BTW, we need new banners. Any 600*200 image that includes the word "Pregchan" posted with the word 'banner' (that isn't god-awful) will be added to the site.

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>> No. 19734
Sweet. Now to lead a whole load of preggy fetishist to your site without you knowing it.

(Hail Hydra.)

File 136112160497.gif - (181.89KB , 1036x654 , 1360683672450.gif )
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Pic hopefully related

A miserable pile of texts... ...and castlevania references!
Actually, a quest thread in the sense of what begins here is a choose-your-own-adventure style story wirtten primarily by a game-master featuring characters controlled by the denizens of the board through dice rolls or votes. While the majority of the story will be controlled by its creator, this allows for audience participation with little need for writing or art prowess on their part, and can take place with as little or as much participation as the audience wishes to put forth.

Seeing the general direction the discussion leading to this point has taken, this style of narrative interaction seemed the most likely to succeed for its appeal to all contributors with minimal commitment on any one part save for the GM; which in this case, will be me.

My hope here is to inspire others to not just add their voice to this story, but also their works for all to appreciate; written, drawn or otherwise; in this thread or any of the other user-generated content threads across the boards of this site.

The format is simple, as are the rules.
An introduction will be made, opening the narrative and setting the scene, from where decisions will have to be made. As the audience steers the course of the story, these decisions will be made by multiple choice votes, i.e;
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 17589
>Asking if someone is doing okay all of a sudden isn't acceptable

File 133162209377.jpg - (246.91KB , 742x450 , 1170.jpg )
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This is the thread for posting pictures drawn by the users. If you draw something, post it here!

This includes pictures drawn in our official weekly oekaki group chat sessions, held at this location every Saturday:

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>> No. 14825
>>Y'know... This seems like a good wrapping up point for this thread.
I agree. Uno momento

File 139771211420.jpg - (2.31KB , 90x90 , images.jpg )
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So, kinda my first time around this block. I think I kind of feel an attraction to it, but I'm not sure why. Already into some weird shit, so nothing surprises me these days. So, tell me, why do you guys like this kind of thing?
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>> No. 19711
IMO, pregnancy is the ultimate symbol of women and their sexuality, but a feminine charm it is. I had this fetish since I was in my early teens and tried to keep it to myself out of fear how others will approach it. Now I'm more comfortable with my fetish and thank god the internet is there for people like me. I don't think my family knows about it, because they would find my fascination with pregnant women "creepy" or sexually "deviant".

Not only I find arousing the belly gets big, I think enlarged breasts and wider butts are turn-ons, though I'm not huge into breasts and butts. I'm not a huge fan of birthing, then I read and learned things on pregnancy...and one of them is orgasmic birth some women encountered in labor (Google it) and this is great a woman can feel "wonderful" while she's experiencing a high level of pain.

And I want to date a pregnant woman, as well to have a sexual encounter. But I'm more seeking a friendship with one or she's open to my feelings about pregnancy, hope she shares the same viewpoint as I do. I wish to be a husband or father of my own children, and I have a strong positive view of women. Pregnant women deserve to be hailed in a respectful light of bearing life and going through a lot in giving birth to a baby/ child.
>> No. 19724
I don't know. I mean, for me, it's a very specific thin--pregnant people giving birth. My obsession with birth started early. I recently found diaries I wrote in when I was only six years old, and I drew images of women giving birth. I've absolutely no idea where it comes from. Can anyone really, truly say where their kinks come from? I grew up Catholic, a relatively sheltered girl, and my parents never sat me down for the talk. I don't recall seeing anything, but I imagine I must have picked something up somewhere if I knew how babies came out. My being fascinated by birth pre-dated knowing things like how sex works and what periods are. But yeah, it's odd. It's the one thing guaranteed to get me off, imagining birth, and that's been the case for ages. I tend to like kinks that sort of go hand-in-hand with it--medical, sadism, embarrassment, control or lack of control over orgasms, etc...
>> No. 19743
I've wanted to get pregnant and give birth since I was a little girl. But the older I get, and the more I deal with babies and children that my age group is currently having, the more I absolutely detest children.

I've been thinking about surrogate motherhood, instead. My boyfriend just chuckles at how shameless I am...

File 139038789823.jpg - (709.80KB , 2000x1809 , request thread.jpg )
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Yo peoples :)
The rules of this thread are simples, making requests.

All artists are welcomed to provide requests by everyone. If you don't like a request, don't feel forced to doing it, someone could be interested to doing ;)

Have fun !
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>> No. 19738
File 139822705394.png - (105.26KB , 327x170 , Marriage.png )
Any and all pregnant Harvest Moon gals
>> No. 19739

SaburoX did a whole series of those. Go dig through his gallery a bit. :)
>> No. 19742
File 139827529221.jpg - (167.55KB , 960x544 , 2013-12-17-181551.jpg )
Considering Conception 2 is all about making (Star) children, maybe the heroines decide to try making kids the old fashioned way?

File 137077326935.png - (552.94KB , 850x1600 , Mina.png )
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Someone might be interested in this
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>> No. 19650
I found a new Breast Pregnancy story. It also has regular pregnancy and unbirth in it.

>> No. 19740
File 13982277357.jpg - (414.53KB , 1727x2000 , Yoga Ball.jpg )
And more Butts
>> No. 19741
File 139822778375.jpg - (168.94KB , 878x930 , 20857699.jpg )

File 136719530049.jpg - (140.66KB , 1200x861 , hori05a.jpg )
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Hey! Look who finally finished compiling his latest gallery!

Hey everybody. Sorry it's been over a year since my last torrent. To make up for it, this one is 12 GB worth of new material. For those who don't know what my torrents are all about, I collect all the latest pregnancy and birth pictures I can find from the great land of Japan, bundle them up, and share them with everybody in a convenient collection. I hope you all enjoy!

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>> No. 19720
I may seed tonight, if I can make it back to home after work haha.

Hey FinalixerX! Any chance there might be another package this year? If I remember correctly, I think you had some harddrive issues and if so, I hope it is fixed and we can expect yet another great pregnant collection package from you soon?
>> No. 19722

Here's the problem. Since that time, I've had to try and get everything back manually. I've caught up to all the sites I normally frequent except for ExHentai... which is going to take a looooong time. I basically have to go through a year's worth of material to find everything, and I don't have the time to start that until the end of my semester in a few weeks. When I do catch up, I hope to make a gallery, but who knows how long that will actually be?
>> No. 19736
Oh thanks for the update. So it is safe to assume that the legacy of your Gallery packs will continue on, albeit some delays?

File 133162199832.jpg - (118.31KB , 373x532 , 1135.jpg )
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Tentacle and Witche 03 (02 march 2012)

do you know others hentai of anime with pregnant woman's will release ?
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>> No. 19707
It was fantastic.
Better than the stuff that's coming out recently.
Speaking of which, anything new coming out soon?
>> No. 19714
I wish someone would make fan art of her with those body proportions. It's a shame that the scene in the pic got 30 seconds.
>> No. 19735

Found this gem -

File 13981643264.png - (394.20KB , 915x432 , axel_s_sketch_book_vol__3_by_axel_rosered-d79ou74.png )
19729 No. 19729 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Guys, i know axel is selling this stuff at literally less than a dollar per pack, and he's going through some tough times, but i really wanna see these preg pics, and i aint got no cash, like literally, please.pic somehow related, there are more packs as well
>> No. 19730
One, no. That's not okay.
Two... you know I hate to say it, but I did put down the money, and there just isn't that much pregnancy content. There's big bellies, sure, but there's no context suggesting they're pregnant. It takes a lot more imagination than I like.
>> No. 19731
I for one do not believe in making people pay for art like that. But what he does is his own business. If you want to see what it has pay for it other wise don't worry about it.
>> No. 19732
I want to know why this keeps popping up in every single -chan board out there. Or, barring that, why people seem to think this is okay because the artist makes some money sometimes.

I'm not gonna delete this thread, because there are some good posts in it. However that doesn't mean it's okay to post Axel's paid work, and bans and suchlike will be handed out appropriately if it comes up.

Also, thread locked.

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