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File 133083788081.jpg - (696.59KB , 1864x1262 , 129252523874.jpg )
630 No. 630
This thread is for sharing labor and birth videos from sites like YouTube or otherwise! When you paste the url please do it in this format "hxxp" and copy and paste to your browser, that way the videos are less likely to be deleted for unusual traffic.

Here are some of my favorites:
Unassisted birth on the toilet

Homebirth in Spanish

Definitely one of my favorites!

Here is just the birth scene from that Japanese AV video.
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>> No. 632
This is from a movie but the birth is real and for me its one of my favorite,

>> No. 640

This is one of my favorite videos.
>> No. 642
>> No. 643
Great stuff. Source for the OP pic?
>> No. 645

Sorry, I don't remember where I got it! I think I just pulled it from bbwchan.
>> No. 752
>> No. 853
Most birth fans like long, drawn-out deliveries.

This video is not one of those. But it's pretty impressive, all the same. ;)

>> No. 862
We need the labor scene out of She Hate Me by Spike Lee, I seem to remember it quite fondly.
>> No. 878
lets just say this one is explosive!

>> No. 885

Great video. Questionable baby-naming skills.
>> No. 886

That video was ~epic~, haha.
Here is a really intense breech birth.
>> No. 887
more explosions please!
>> No. 976
This one looks like a huge egg.

>> No. 979
>> No. 1038
I'm a fan of this one.
>> No. 1095
Of all the birth vids I've seen over the years, that is easily in my top 5. How the hell have I never seen this before? Looking at the view count, it seems like it's pretty famous.
>> No. 1123
I got a question. Has anyone ever seen a video where two or more women give birth together?? That would be hot...
>> No. 1127
I swear there was some sort of '90s comedy film where that happened... Two women ended up in the same birthing room and their husbands got into a fight over one of them wanting to video everything... Ring any bells? Anyone?
>> No. 1129
Oh! And then there was the '95 remake of Village of the Damned, with about a dozen women giving birth in one large hall, with only side partitions for privacy.
>> No. 1137
That would be "Nine Months." Okay pregnancy movie, was one of the few guilty pleasures I (secretly) rented from the video store back in the day, but the other scene I remember fondly? When Julianne Moore's character is seen in lingerie when she's ~5 months. Fake belly or not, ohhh.
>> No. 1142
Thanks, that's the one! That birth scene was pretty ridiculous, but definitely hot.
>> No. 1245

A birth position you don't see much; standing!
>> No. 1253

Very nice.
>> No. 1298
Did you happen to download it? It's been removed :(
>> No. 1307
nice, thanks for share
>> No. 1319
Unfortunately, no!

It was a short-ish clip of an unassisted homebirth in a bathtub. You couldn't actually see the birth, due to the murky water, but the vid was notable for the attractive mother's rather euphoric and excitable labouring.
>> No. 1813
despite not showing much this vid is still great!

>> No. 1814

Nice video with a cute mom.
>> No. 1922
Bumping with content!

>> No. 1923
She was crowning for three hours, according to the description. I'd just like to take a moment to say she has my admiration.

Anyway, I hate to post in one of my favorite threads without at least some content, but this is a labor video, not a birth one...not that I don't still like it: hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2Sc1j2VHBY
>> No. 1928
Whoops sorry, ignore that one. Didn't mean to post a straight up link, I was excited. Try this one:

Hope I did that one right.
>> No. 2056
Because this thread just can't disappear into the depths


We need more art like this video where the mother takes her time to get the body out with little/no assistance, specially in that position for labor would be nice (for me)
>> No. 2057
"Because this thread can't disappear into the depths."

I second that.

This is a GOOD and LONG one, about the last 12 minutes of her pushing, and you get a pretty good view of everything. In short, videos like this are what I keep scouring the tubes for even though I'm sure by now I've seen all the good ones.

>> No. 2058

meh, if tons of medical intervention is your thing, then I guess this vid is ok...
>> No. 2059
Normally it's not. But this time I thought it was pretty good...still, up to you.

Anyway, here's another one I've had in my bookmarks for a while. Again, it's not a birth video, but a labor video, but if that's your kind of thing, I think it's worth hanging onto at least. Unfortunately, while she says in the description she'll show the other parts to people who ask, I've never been able to get in contact with her so I don't think the offer still stands.

>> No. 2065

Lol, Video is not bad, but I said body, not baby.
That mother pushed out the body in seconds :L

Anyway another video I've found catering to my interests and is good: hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSarIECIrXA&feature=plcp
>> No. 2074
Dear god, that is one enormous baby. I know the blood's probably from inside but for a while there it looked like her clit tore... I'm crossing my legs in sympathy and I may never open them again.
>> No. 2078

Here's another good one. Although the...uh, music kind of spaces me out, and I don't want to think about what that might be in the water around 1:09, this wins with me for a few reasons. One, I think the lady is pretty darn cute. Two, she spends pretty much the whole video nude. Three, she moves around a fair bit, both in labor and even in the pushing stage. That's an odd little kink of mine, when women in labor are free to move around and act on that freedom. Hell, anything other than just lying on her back in a bed's all good.
>> No. 2089

Here's one of just labor, but it's a great big beautiful belly.
>> No. 2092

Here's a playlist with a lot of birth vids on it.
>> No. 2102

This one has a birth in a birthing center, and pretty much all of the video is of the mother at the crowning point and after. It takes a good while for the baby to be born, too. Whoever worked the camera for this video, I thank you.
>> No. 2131
anyone have the 3part series of a young mother giving birth on her back?
>> No. 2135

Lots of mothers give birth on their backs

this is not human-related, but I have always wondered what it would look like if an animal did..........
>> No. 2141
Its not just any birth video with a woman giving birth on their backs. You'd know it if you saw it. Part 3 is on yt but I'm looking for the other two
>> No. 2143
Does anyone know of that one birth video, it may or may not have been in color, but it had a woman giving birth, (I think she was sitting upright in what looked like those OBGYN chair chairs or something), and from her facial expressions and the way she kicked her legs as she pushed it out, she was *clearly* enjoying it.

Her movements and her face both had that "Fuck yesssssss this is awesome" quality about them. And when it was finally out, she looked like she'd just won the lottery or something.

Someone knows what I'm talking about, right?
>> No. 2145
Is it this one?

>> No. 2146
Ah, that one...pure classic, I've had it on my laptop for a long time.

I did, however, recently find another version of it that had about an extra minute of footage before the birth. Unfortunately, it was in this one video that was a collection of several birth videos, and the title was in some other language so there's no real way I would even know where to begin looking for it...if it exists anymore. Hate to be the guy who says he once saw something cool but doesn't know where or when it can be found, but...maybe that will jog someone else's memory.
>> No. 2147

I believe you're looking for this:

>> No. 2150
File 135095636268.png - (206.83KB , 630x350 , Scout Approves.png )
>> No. 2153

Here's one that's mostly of the baby crowning. Nice if you're into that kind of thing.

If you like the video, though, I suggest you download it or otherwise enjoy it while you can. The other videos on this channel are stolen from other accounts and I wouldn't be surprised if this one is too, so it's only a matter of time before someone notices and reports them.
>> No. 2156

Here's another, much newer channel of birth videos. Only 24 videos at the moment, but there's some good ones, though I have already seen some of them elsewhere so it's another "not sure if this is going to be around for long" link.
>> No. 2202
A vaginal birth of triplets went up recently:


I don't think I've seen a triplet one yet, at least not from an angle where you can actually see what's going on. Not much labor or crowning sadly (I'm not a birth person myself), but multiples videos are uncommon.
>> No. 2211
Damn, I wish people added to this thread more often. Anyways here's a pretty nice one that was uploaded just yesterday:

>> No. 2232

Another great one! Long pushing with a decent view of the crowning.
>> No. 2240
>> No. 2241

Did anyone manage to grab Part 2 of this one before YouTube pulled it down?
>> No. 2246
too bad enemas aren't standard anymore because the women cant be bothered, its so gross when they shit on the baby's face :/
>> No. 2256

99% sure this is it. Unfortunately, the sound cuts out after about a minute...kind of a bummer, cause even without sound this is pretty good. But if it was taken down before, it's probably only a matter of time before it gets taken down from this channel too...not to mention, this isn't the owner's channel, y'know?
>> No. 2257
Thanks :)

Pity about the sound, but the video is good.
>> No. 2270
Love this.

>> No. 2279
File 135493566043.png - (653.83KB , 683x529 , triplets.png )
thats this right?
>> No. 2289
Hell yeah!
That's the one!
>> No. 2296
>> No. 2299
File 135527316211.jpg - (67.47KB , 393x288 , animeboredreaction.jpg )
I'm not even really sure that counts as a birth video as far as this thread is concerned. The video and audio quality is so poor, and you can't see a darn thing from that woman in the way. I didn't even realize her breasts were exposed until I read the comments. Bummer...

Still, I guess I should try to be constructive. This is pretty short and is just a contraction video, but hey, laboring woman in her underwear...gotta be worth something: hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEHzZaIUUco&NR=1&feature=fvwp
>> No. 2300
ooh Im sorry, I had seen another version with better audio for a long time and found this version and not look completely.
>> No. 2301
I think this is better but it's a shame than this don´t have the original sound.
>> No. 2335
it's a shame that this hasn`t sound but is very good.

>> No. 2336
Here's a good one. Swedish birth in the 70s.

>> No. 2346
>> No. 2347
Already linked in >>2153. But I don't blame you for linking again, it's a good one.
>> No. 2353
I'm sorry, I was watching the videos to not repeat but that's not what I saw.
now I check all
>> No. 2356
>> No. 2357
>> No. 2359
Great channel
>> No. 2376

One of the first VHS tapes I used to continually rent at the video store and fap.
>> No. 2454
File 135940778253.jpg - (178.16KB , 1089x800 , 05861220130128041115.jpg )
I saw this picture on pregnantcommunity. I'm sure it's a movie. anyone know the name of this movie or where you can download?
>> No. 2455
File 135940820325.jpg - (173.39KB , 1200x864 , 97042120130128041122.jpg )
I also saw this and probably is another movie.
I have no idea what it's called
>> No. 2456

You should try posting your request at the pregnant forum / stickied birth thread at hxxp://bbw-chan.net - there's a coupla people there who may have it, and if they do, chances are good they will post it ;)
>> No. 2488

here's a catalog page i found of them, that ought to give you the titles


>> No. 2489
yes, I saw this catalog and there are several interesting. But I don't have a credit card.
>> No. 2644

This was available on some torrent which is now dead. It can still be found on a certain forum, on a certain 4shared drive.


I have been searching for this for a long time (the dvd version, because I have no way to convert vhs conveniently).
>> No. 2648

I know this has been posted already, but anyone have any videos at all where the mother gives birth in that fashion?
>> No. 2650

"Window Water Baby Moving - Stan Brakhage 1959"

this is on youtube, erotic, artist birth footage and preg nudity. very good stuff with crowning, afterbirth, finger probing.

a must-see.

about 17min
>> No. 2651
Saw that some time ago, and I had to stop watching because I was sure it was going to mess up my dreams if I watched it all the way through. It looks like something that could be good, or even should be good...but the way it's filmed makes it look and sound like something you'd dream after taking Sudafed and NyQuil at the same time.

If there's a version without all the weird fx, I'm all for it.
>> No. 2653

Watch with sound on mute. At about 8-9 minutes in, crowning starts.

Wish they had not messed with it, but still terrific real erotic birth. Its obvious a real film maker shot this birth, so I hope to find the original.
>> No. 2659
Goodies -

"Birth in Nature: Natural Birth"

Wow Mom... A nude mother-in-the-making laboring in the woods, outdoor bathtubbing, squatting, great close up birth at the end...


"Natural Birth"

Here is a big pretty belly, needs help to hold her down though...


"The Unassisted Home Birth of Felix Alexander" &
"The Unassisted Home Birth of Felix Alexander Part 2: Emergence"

Another absolute classic homebirth in 2 parts. Part 2 has mom yelling the timeless line "I'm pushing on poo!" Love that line...

Pt1 - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnv6WhJkGZI

Pt2 - www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjaSjUw8PmM

"unassisted birth / Alleingeburt 2"

This mom does a little dance to her own singing and gives birth standing. Pretty lovely, in 2 parts...

Pt1 - www.youtube.com/watch?v= (sorry can't find it! try videoofbirth.com)

Pt2 - www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFMHB4RqpjI

"Natural Vaginal Birth - - Educational Baby Videos"

Great b&w medical how-to film...


"The Pregnancy & Birth of the Trama Triplets"

With no blocking on the mother...

>> No. 2697

The Frank Breech Home Birth of Eden (Graphic!)

>> No. 2703
While I haven't found the original, I have found a version that isn't shrunken so it's much easier to see, sorry if you've already seen this
www.y0utube.com/watch?v=vKS3prrp2tk (correct the obvious typo)
>> No. 2704





Willow's water birth at home Part 2




"роды "

>> No. 2712
Also here,
"The Pregnancy & Birth of the Trama Triplets"

With no blocking on the mother...

>> No. 2713
"Birth in Squatting Position"

This Youtube has a lot of nice squat births one after the other, plus afterbirth. Nice. South American women!

>> No. 2714
"Acqua parto in casa, parto naturale, l'orgasmo femminile è 11.03.2013"

>> No. 2725
Forgive me everybody, but this one gave me an idea for a kinkier version of two girls, one cup. Any artists out there bold enough to give the idea a shot on the drawn board? (but out of common sense, please don't make it too graphic)
>> No. 2727
File 13642471745.jpg - (43.55KB , 640x481 , 1264283879076.jpg )
>> No. 2739
What do you mean by 2 girls one cup?
>> No. 2740
Home-Birth UnAssisted-Birth (no Doctor no midwife) Before During and After - (Hippy singing birth, looking at her ass)

Just drop this in YT's search LwvkZOinIoA
>> No. 2741

pretty dark, woman in birth tub, lots of close-up...


明星在水里生孩子—水中分娩 another


Born Day - that 5 minute episiotomy vid

Charlie's Birth Unedited Pushing, Unmedicated Hospital Birth - at about 2 minutes she screams "GET IT OUT!" and there is a huge gush of clean womb fluid as the baby pops out in the OB/GYN's hands...


Naiya~Journey Into Life the movie...a dolphin led natural birth, water birth, home - check this out...


water birth preparation 2 part - naked in a glass tub


Remi's Breech Birth - very in-your-face, bloody


Dancing Into Labor! - why not?


Willow's water birth at home Part 2 did I put this up yet? she kinda dances side to side in labor...


Donne arabe parto vaginale a casa con il marito from rome


Parto natural La Joven Wanda - nice


Danzando el parto - sorta hottish


Parto Vaginal- Childbirth.- she is ready for her close-up


>> No. 2742
They mean that viral video of the same name...
>> No. 2791

This video is far more graphic than most birth videos on youtube. It shows the mother delivering quite a large baby, and the repairs to the damage caused by the baby
>> No. 2793
Оргазмические роды - самый скрытый секрет

...Seen this one yet? Looks American, about birthgasm, Russian overdub.


Michelle's Homebirth Diary Part Three

>> No. 2794
Epidural live birth

>> No. 2796
Published on Jan 3, 2013
...Belly dancing, then tub birth


"parto de un bebe" ...aka birth of a baby
>> No. 2805


Parto En Casa (Part- 2 )

9rI0H6OG4UgPipers Home Waterbirth - YouTube

>> No. 2809
Childbirth as an Athletic Feat (1939)



unassisted birth - Alleingeburt 2


Waterbirth 3 - Twin Waterbirth - YouTube


The Birth of baby number 4


homebirth, part 1


Homebirth of Bethany


pregnant women plays contractions... part 1


You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video.
Download it from Adobe.

pregnant women plays contractions... part 1
>> No. 2870
"7 shoulder dystocia"


Anyone know where the heck this video is from?
>> No. 2873
A UK drama show called "Bodies"
>> No. 2874

heres another -

4 waterbirth arrest

>> No. 2875
after watching the 1st clip - this show is way over the top. talk about unprofessional medical staff panic.

nice effects department tho
>> No. 2883

( hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClLqunNv63w seems to be the same clip, just a few minutes in)

A vaginal birth after 2 Cesareans. Mom is SUPER chill. Okay, I don't know or care if she had an epidural or if she's just that calm (I'm definitely leaning to the former, but I can't rule out the possibility of the latter), but that's probably the closest a birth video has ever come to being real-life birth porn. Naked (and kinda cute) woman, perfect viewing angle, reaches down and massages her own perineum, and very long and slow crowning...good grief.

The only thing is, that music is really effing annoying and makes it hard to hear what anyone's saying (I mean, just imagine if she were talking about what it felt like as it happened), but doesn't change the fact that this is so going in my faves.

(Reposted cause I forgot to un-direct link)
>> No. 2885
So nice if only they could all be this way!

She had a great state of mind. I wish she was a little thiner though.
>> No. 2886
what are the titles of these? links are not working for me :(
>> No. 2887
change the x in hxxp to t so it is http
>> No. 2889
that didn't work for me. maybe my computer is bad
>> No. 2890
have you tried google searching the random text after watch?v=
>> No. 2891
Okay great, the name of the first one is "Vba2c Shands" and when that is used in YT's search, that is another way to find that video.

Google & Yahoo won't give me any answer at all for the 2nd one.

Does anyone know the "name" of the 2nd one?
>> No. 2892
Katherine and Bryans first Homebirth Diary Part Three
>> No. 2894
thanks for the title :)

heres one more

"The birth of my son at home. Greatest moments of life. "
>> No. 2896
Yeah this is very classic. She sits there crowning and holding her labia open for a very long time, and so cool and smiling, no pain. There are 2 versions, one is 6 minutes longer, at about 26min total.

Great find!
>> No. 2897
I see, the long one is what you posted :P
>> No. 2901
" Nascimento de Micah (Parto Natural na Casa de Partos em Goa India "

>> No. 2903
Anyone know of any vids that are "not" 240p?
>> No. 2952
YT - enter this... run 1 minit:

Russian Girls very hard Vagina Delivery birth 01.03.2013
>> No. 2955
All of pics are very EXCELENT !
>> No. 2963
Just search YT by these titles - i'm lazy...

childbirth pain video from germany

Calm birth of Cerys

Young Mother Giving Birth to Baby Newborn Birth Natural Home Birth Vaginal 00

Russian Girls very hard Vagina Delivery birth 01.03.2013

Waterbirth beautiful and inspiring Frank breech home birth (unmedicated)

Breech Home Birth of Kari from tailand

Natural Birth (homebirth in Prague)

Live Human Birth sequence from Radiohead movie Bodysong

April 2013 Natural Delivery

Labour and birth a natural hospital delivery

Natural Home Birth from italy

Leg on the top natural delivery

>> No. 2964
Does anyone know if youtube.com/watch?v=Xvu6VYlIAaY is available somewhere else in higher quality? The YouTube version is beyond terrible and I know I've seen it somewhere else.
>> No. 2976
Not sure if it is allowed to ask this, but is there any video exists where the girl has sex during childbirth process? I hear that this scenario is impossible to achieve since you could never be manage to penetrate a girl who is going in labor/pain process. The idea seems too farfetched to even be allowed to try it but only video I can think of, which apparently is not that legit, is the Japanese video where the woman has sex during her labor (they claim to be but I think it is a lie). The video states that she is due immediately and has sex just before her water breaks, when the dude cum inside her. They even have close video shoot to show the baby's head or something like that and the full birthing scene, which can be found on youtube.

Another thing I just read, which was obviously fake by a troll post, is from Craigslist request, where the girl was saying that she is looking for someone to have anal sex during the birth process.

Sorry if this sounds bit extreme but to me, any means of birth to lessen pain should be tried or allowed. The norm of the society is still living in the Neanderthal eras. Anything natural is a good thing...no?:)
>> No. 2977
I read intercourse during birth is not allowed. Probably illegal in many countries... There is a high risk of deadly infection. There was that one Austrailian porno movie where the pregnant star was going to give birth on camera at the end, but the law stopped that from ever getting filmed. Sex during childbirth is just a fantasy, regardless of any benefit that could come of it... Sure people fuck to break water, then pull out. I read years ago however, that it was something they did in India, fucking in labor to use the semen to help dilation and pain. Never varified it. Also, in Korea, the mother holds onto the father's penis during labor, and squeezes when she has contractions hard enough that he knows exactly what she is feeling at that moment. Never varified that one either, but that is a sweet, sweeeet thought ain't it?
>> No. 2978
Also, I'm sure you are talking about the Natsuki Hatakeyama video, with the homebirth at the end. I'm pretty sure the birth and that fuck scene were different days - have not seen it in a long time, but I had the full dvd once.
>> No. 2979
I was talking more about anal sex than anything else actually. Although girl on top anal sex would be impossible and guy's penis can have irreversible damage due to constriction of the anus but if the girl is on all four, that might be achievable since lot of girls prefer to give birth that way. Nonetheless, I think sexual stimulation is probably the greatest natural birth one can have.

I agree about the infection part since this process can surely take in different turn, if they are not careful since the umbilical cord is the most vulnerable part after birth and if it isn't cut antiseptically, the kid can end up getting lot of deadly diseases, such as tetanus, and hepatitis. The mother could be in danger, too but what I have seen, in terms of home birth, not lot of couples take that precaution when they consider of natural birth so I am not sure what infection they are worrying about. If the guy does not have any diseases, he doesn't have to worry too much. And cumming inside to stimulate the cervix is just as normal as cumming inside before the pregnancy. I don't thinking ejaculating inside while in labor does anything anyway haha.

By the way, I have heard similar stories, too and some are claimed to be true. I also heard that during childbirth, if both couples are completely naked, and if the guy has erection during the process, the girl seems more attached. Again the childbirth process is something biological and sexual so not sure why it is taboo and lot of society are against sex during childbirth. I heard that in some countries couple never even have sex during pregnancy and just stay very protective because their idea is that if the penis is entered, it may damage the developing embryo, yes even during 8th or 9th of pregnancy when the embryo is fully developed.

I think the major concern lot of people have is the safety of the baby but if that is taken as a precautionary measure, this task can be achieved. Damn if only my gf was interested to get pregnant, I could have convinced her to try that out haha. Oh well...

Oh and I heard about that porn star being pregnant and wanted to give birth on the movies. I thought she was a Swedish porn actress or something. I think the society probably has this checked correctly because there are lot of sickfucks out there that can manipulate this, like drugs and prostitution, so I can see why it maybe a good thing that is forbidden...Ah well fantasy is a fantasy, I guess, and possibly should stay that way.
>> No. 2980
This might interest you. Didn't see any direct sex, but a lot of masturbation, both solo and from the husband.

>> No. 3010

(Umbilical cord infection: Thus one of the reasons for waiting until the cord has gone completely dead and inactive before cutting it, though people who never cut it eventually put the child at risk of necrosis-related problems.)
>> No. 3012

A girl gives birth in a tub with an unobstructed view of the baby crowning. She's unassisted, holds herself open with her hands, and she's sooooo happy when she sees the baby.
>> No. 3044
Natural Birth of the Trama Triplets.


youtube > watch?v=j8n_sGob3Ks
>> No. 3059
Posted a while ago, in >>2659 . Just another repost account.

Still, in the interest of being constructive, here's one I just found. Not so much a birth video as a labor video, but it's not bad in that regard: hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueBTnfbUFqA
>> No. 3218
dont let end here need birth vids
>> No. 3221
Anyone have anymore solo vids, or anything where two girls give birth together?
>> No. 3222
god i would kill for a vid like that...
>> No. 3225
me too.
>> No. 3226
>> No. 3244
File 137209822188.png - (154.44KB , 360x288 , 132468079128.png )
anyone know where to find this video? it was on Pregnantcommunity (which is down) - image is from BBWChan, but nobody ever uploaded it there

it was in a foreign language (most likely German)
>> No. 3257

That video happens to be a favorite of mine. I first saw it years ago on a Yahoo group, which has long since ceased to exist.

So when I found it again on PregnantCommunity, I made sure to save a copy. :)

>> No. 3268
It's a shame that I can't use MEGA.co.nz.
My browsers won't let me. :'-(
>> No. 3272

The holy grail... 101K videos.
>> No. 3273
It has multiple uploads of all of the videos, most I've already seen before.

It's just another account that is reposting videos.
>> No. 3274
I'm not sure if it's been linked before but Painful Natural Childbirth (Search: 2P1tbO9lv44) is one of my all time favorites.

It doesn't actually get to the birth but everything about that video is super sexy to me. I'm a bigger fan of the buildup versus the actual birth though.
>> No. 3275
That's just a small part of a longer video that's been posted here before, see >>2078
>> No. 3276
it's not an account, it's an youtube-generated "channel" that just contains all birth-related videos it can find
>> No. 3379
File 137352364093.png - (95.80KB , 520x413 , Turned On.png )
All those real pics of women giving birth...
>> No. 3381
Anybody know where I can find this video ?

There use to be a clip on youtube but now I can't find it .
Information I could find

>> No. 3436
does anyone have the twins birth that was on pregcommunity? it was slightly older and had a woman(the midwife) talking about the pregnancy and birth throughout the whole thing.
>> No. 3437
File 137453679141.png - (1.51MB , 1366x768 , birth1.png )
you mean this? I have it.
>> No. 3438
>>3437 yup that's it. ty
>> No. 3456
Does anyone know where to find videos where the woman is in active labor, but is being told she can't push yet?
>> No. 3473
I'm reading a lot now on the web of couples having sex during labor on their own. Nurses seem to run into this in delivery rooms. All the mothers seem to have positive things to say of it. So sex to help the labor is totally legit.
>> No. 3543

Woman has her baby on the hospital steps. Pretty intense!
>> No. 3547
File 137666425230.jpg - (6.33KB , 187x250 , 1376663800315s.jpg )
anyone down for helping me find the source of this?
>> No. 3759
Have you ever seen any other parts of this

>> No. 3762
Niiiice find. I haven't stumbled upon many enjoyable foreign-language videos, but this is definitely a rare gem. The mother is actually quite gorgeous, and her breasts are extremely engorged, so that once she lays down to give birth, you get a full view of everything. Not to mention she (was) quite huge.
>> No. 3874
File 138231897395.jpg - (14.13KB , 480x360 , image.jpg )
The best part starts at about 3:40
>> No. 3947

Very young mother giving birth into her pants in the car on the way to the hospital.
>> No. 3948
The mother is cute, but the father is totally useless and sounds like he's high or something.
>> No. 3949
yeah the dad and the friend videoing were useless. But most people think birth is some kind of medical procedure so I am not surprised.
>> No. 3950

Yes, I wanted to post this video because I thought some people would enjoy it here. But personally it made my heart hurt. Because of how scary it clearly was for such young kids, and how incompetent everyone was about the whole process. I was embarrassed, enraged, and very sad all at once while watching this.
>> No. 4000
So apparently, there was a study conducted some time ago involving whether the midwife would guide the mother via direct contact, or guiding the mom only by controlling her (calming, telling mom what to do, etc)

The technique where the midwife doesn't touch the mother is called the hands poised technique, and I'm looking for video's showing this. So far, I've found only one video of the technique, so I'm wondering, does anyone know other birth videos using the hands poised technique?
>> No. 4008

I know what you are talking about and I too have come across very few videos with little to no direct contact. I have never come across one using said technique.

It's almost as Drs and midwifes cannot help them selfs when it comes to childbirth intervention. Even when new research shows that supporting the perineum has no significant decrease in preventing taring or later prolapsing.

Here is a good example of no intervention


PASSWORD: chothecho5
>> No. 4009

Actually, that is the video I found lol (except this one has sound, so melikes it), and if you look at the text at the very end of the video, it says it was used to prepare midwives for the study I mentioned

So, got anymore videos with little to no direct contact?
>> No. 4010

that water-blood burst at the end... WOW
>> No. 4445
Just seeing if anyone has anything new here!
>> No. 5289
Did anybody save this? It was taken down.
>> No. 5386
does anyone know where to find birth videos called tara birthing video part 1 and tara birthing video part 2. They use to be in Vimeo but doesn't exist there anymore.
>> No. 5504
There's a Dutch film called Brandende liefde that has a fairly good birth scene. It used to be archived on PregnantCommunity.org, but that site's gone now. Can anyone link it here?
>> No. 5514
>> No. 5518
If anyone wants to just rip the relevant scene, then I, in my official capacity as a Pregchan moderator, hereby award them a thousand Mod Points. Mod Points can be redeemed in our gift shop, once we get around to installing it.
>> No. 5527
Downloading now. I'll need a place to post it tomorrow when I've edited it.
>> No. 5546

Dropbox or Mediafire should be fine. I didn't think anyone would actually do it, so thanks loads. :D
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